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  1. Aaaaa trog you came back! I thought for srs you'd left for good! dfjsklfj I'm sorry again ;____; Haha...what? We've been cool Katez. I just don't post often on here. You didn't do anything wrong ! Those were dramatic...teenage angst-filled times, they are far behind us. I dunno if I'll post tons...but in the summer my post quota definitely does increase.
  2. ooooh yes i agree with this I agree with your username and signature. If you hadn't figured it out yet, that's hot and hot christ and christ an steve among other names. I figured from the sense of humor, odd name choice, and typing style. As for Lola, I'm sure plenty of people respect you ! If you're as polite as you're showing me now and you have a sense of humor the DFAF must accept you. And I know, right Crazy?! Nobody understands my beautiful Sony *strokes Playstation 3 longingly in a creepy fashion*
  3. What if he gets sweaty? EDIT: LollaBelleLane of course you're welcome here! If anything I should be honored to be in YOUR presence. I don't really post on here often enough to garner anyone's respect, haha. Post count and length of time on the forums doesn't equal superiority, so don't even worry !
  4. *sigh* Multiplayer is stupid ANYWAY! And nice to see you Brutal Bill! I missed your epic stories that always involved you on acid, having your shoes stolen (or something), and then fate intervening and through an awesome event everything was resolved and improved.
  5. Keyboard and mouse. What would be the best game-pad for me to get?
  6. Conker's Bad Fur Day on my lovely little emulator. It's a good thing Rare made this game bloody and filled with profanities, otherwise it'd basically be Banjo Kazooie with a squirrel. The camera control sucks, but I love how much variety and cool set-pieces there are in this game.
  7. How is everyone? New updates? Is Scarecrow still a spy? How are the kids? Do you all still de-rail often? I thought I'd do a status check, seeing how I missed you crazy fuckers.
  8. Yeah! I'd HATE to miss out on Skittles the Tiger on Kinect.
  9. Nintendo had a pretty good show on their hands. But I felt bad about Zelda because of the interference and whatnot. Because that really made things on stage awkward. And I've read it's actually REALLY fluid, haha. Lots of cool looking games made by the Big N. But I wish they were a little more ambitious and made some more 3D games as opposed to side-scrollers. But they still look great ! And Sony absolutely blew me out of the water. Move looks awesome, a lot of the marketing campaigns, Kevin Butler, the game anouncements and everything just made me a happy-little-boy. There was no mention of The Last Guardian, though. Nor of Agent. And that slightly bugs me, haha. EDIT: Oh yeah, and Gabe. I love you again.
  10. Oh, hello Feddlefew....how I've missed you so my darling ! And yes, we certainly can. And a downloadable game perhaps Miriku?
  11. Cabella's Awesome Hunts A.K.A. Red Dead Redemption and some Rock Band 2. Little Big Planet is also sucking me back in with the fun joy my friends and I can obtain from it.
  12. If Doublefine TOTALLY announced what they were working on at THIS E3. I wouldn't even CARE what the game was about or anything. Just one of those stupid trailers that don't show off gameplay, logo, and a synopsis would be great. Because I'm seriously pumped to know what Tim is up to next. Even if it's like....a puzzle game about a vegetable that has to get through a house of horrors with his psychic powers and his best friend the silent (inanimate) garden gnome. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll turn everyday objects into food flinging objects! Butyeah....seriously.
  13. Just in case people ACTUALLY want to check it out, the movie is called The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. And it was Heath Ledger's last movie. I appreciate your wit Bill, but you know, gotta' get the facts straight for some people! Yeah, it was pretty weird. But it wasn't a bad weird. The ending was absolutely terrible in my opinion, though.
  14. Prince of Persia....it was really good, nothing like the game per se. But it had some of the same parallels/iconic things crucial to that series. Scott Pilgram vs. The World looks to be the most badassed thing ever. Glad I checked out the trailer before I went to the theatres because the trailer I saw there was totally lacking in the comedy department, haha. Yeah, I can't shut up or stop expressing how much I want to see this movie and finish up the comic series (I found a copy and read through the first volume in the store.)
  15. Why is it that you spend money on trivial things rather than putting down the money on a game? Besides, it's June. You've got plenty of time. AND tell your parents you are looking for any possible ways to raise up money.
  16. but i love that effect. I find it extremely irritating as well in video games, but the real question to ask here is did they intend to do that? Or did the time constraints and want/need for the game to come out force them to make there be a lack of lens flare.
  17. I'm sure what you were excepting, it's the most beautiful sandbox game I've ever played. The horses look so freaking awesome in the videos I've seen. I love how they made the tendons move in and out when it moves. And it just looks like a pretty game period. Sandbox or no.
  18. So basically, it's like the greatest game you've played so far this year? Awesome, I'm missing out on so much fun, hahaha.
  19. Red Dead Redemption and the second episode of Sam and Max Seasons 3. And then my PS3 broke. Awesomesauce.
  20. Actually, I was talking with my friend about this and we think that the next logical step for Apple is to be completely illogical and just make really cool shit that has NO practical use in real life. Such as (but not limited to): A grappling gun, a toilet that helps you predict what your eating habits you have and makes suggestions for future meals, and a vehicle of some kind. In other news: I'm playing through Bully and today I've had the urge to play through Sam and Max: The Penal Zone. The psychic powers are cool, and the characters and humour and general atmosphere are engaging as well. Really thought they couldn't beat the epic-ness that was Season 2...but they certainly have delivered.
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