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  1. Swedish Death Metal Band - The Goats that Cry Contemporary Pop - Gene-ric and The Stereotypes.
  2. While that's true you don't have to have a sarastic remark/insult him for everything he says. No matter how dumb and ignorant it may seem to you. Just an option. I mean, they did create the first ammendment for everyone, so continue on if you feel you must. ANYWAYS. I've been playing Just Cause 2. It's so mindless. And the story is sort of bad. But there are some really epic missions and the grapling hook is AWESOME. Sometimes I wish the world wasn't as big as it is though, while there's tons to do....it makes traversing from mission to mission a pain.
  3. Dante's Inferno has so many boobs. It's just ridiculously unnecessary. And to be honest, the boobs are quite nasty. The game has gotten less than stellar reviews, but to be honest...I'm having a blast playing it. The cross and the scythe can be just as much fun as the Blades of Chaos. I actually think the game has some unique things, such as the focus on riding and using monsters, the "karma" system, and the platforming are different enough from God of War without feeling totally foreign.
  4. How do you get early access!?!?! I loved Indigo Prophecy so I definitely want to to check Heavy Rain out.
  5. I'm a 14 year old virgin who's love life is about as pathetic as Helen Keller in the movie "The Miracle Worker" I know what you're thinking...."Damn...." It's the sad. sad truth I'm afraid.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they extended it into something like that. There would certainly be a high demand for it from fans.
  7. When I was younger I had a swearing issue. I used to say "fuck" all the "fuckin'" time. And then one day someone was like...."You have a problem." My retort? "You know what, you're fucking right."
  8. That's it in a nutshell, but the game is wicked fun. You can glide around on magical ice skates with bazookas strapped to your arms! Tell me you don't want to try that! .......okay. That sounds pretty awesome. You have my attention. List 3 more amazingly insanse stunts and it may just warrant a purchase.
  9. I love Hideki Kamiya and his games, but to be honest Bayonetta doesn't interest me. While the action may be intense and over the top....the game seems like it would get quite repetitive. One of the reasons I like Okami so much is the feeling of exploration, Bayonetta doesn't seem to have that, it seems more like "Oh, here's a pretty room filled with angels that want to murder you. Bye."
  10. Oh man, now I want to play Okami again. The funny thing is, I was constantly underwhelmed by the game until the ending. Holy crap, the ending. The ending made up for every bad thing about the game. It's pretty much the cheesiest thing ever but IT IS AMAZING. EDIT: ahaha right after I posted this Okami White Light Majesty came up on iTunes. It's a sign. It is! The really weird part is someone mentioned that they were playing Okami and then I woke up today and I was like....."Whoa, I have an intense urge to play Okami now." The ending was freaking awesome. It's been a while since I've played a game where *spoilers* in the final boss battle they make you like....super awesome. It's been done before, but it was still fucking awesome.
  11. Okami. The game takes a little while to pick up, but it's just as excellent as I remember.
  12. Not necessarily...but it generally has you stick to the wonderful and insane DFAF family.
  13. My favorite swear-word is fuck. Oh jeez, that was counterintuitive.
  14. Aside from like......God of War 3, Heavy Rain, and Red Dead Redemption, a lot of the new announced games either don't come out for my system or just look like crap. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong, but so far I'm not uber excited for 2010. EDIT: I feel this way towards Q1 of gaming....I'm sre the rest of the year will get exciting.
  15. I'm your friend? And die is in his name...I'm pretty sure he's okay with the concept of it. I was just kidding, I don't mean any ill. It's his business to not like their music. I just disagree is all.
  16. My friend: Dude, I wonder if we'll be able to ride Ormagoden in the end of the game. Imagine what that would be like. Me (in a matter of factly state of voice): Probably a lot like riding a Hextadon, except it's about a thousand times bigger, covered in chrome, and shoots FIRE. My friend: Holy shit did that panther just shoot lasers? Me: LASER PANTHERS! WOOT! My friend and myself simultaneously: DECAPATATIOOOOOOOOON! I'm really good at killing people, I'll be on the way to a mission, and if there's even one enemy around....I WILL kill it.
  17. Well Kratos actually is voiced by a black guy. And that would look really weird, have you ever scene an episode of the Chappelle show? If so, you know why.
  18. It's weird how you brought that up. David Jaffe said having a black guy play Kratos would be pretty awesome. Even though Kratos is pale as all hell, it would indeed be interesting. The guy could get angry very well and he actually sounded decently like Kratos. Weird, maybe when it comes to video game movies....you have to fudge with the original vision of the characters. before kratos got the ashes embedded in his skin he was really tan... I guess they could make Hades give him eternally hellish sunburn? And I forgot to add a couple of movies I have seen. 1) Hot Fuzz - Just as amazing as I remember it. I love every facet of it. The humor, the big event in a small town atmosphere, the story. Really glad I was able to finally pick this gem up. 2) Sherlock Holmes - Pretty good, kind've distracted by this girl....but it was good. Jude Law was pretty sexy.
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