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  1. Do I even have to say Uncharted 2 or Brutal Legend? 2009 was a great year. I've discovered a whole new world of people and it really is great. The movies were rather lovely, I got a girlfriend of sorts, and I feel like I grew as a person both intellectually and spiritually (sounds corny I know, but I really do think I did).
  2. Does anybody think I'm gay when I say that I don't think Bayonetta is attractive...? Just something about the whole "clothes made of hair" thing I can't really get past. I mean, there's no problem with the sexual fetishes they are trying to capture. Something certainly is sexy about a woman with glasses licking a lollipop. But there is no sense of attraction I get from the game. And that's one reason I don't like it. How exactly can you exploit fatal attraction as a marketing tool when there is none? Granted, the game is decently fun and the action is intense, but I just don't like it. Call me crazy, I suppose. And Scarecrow, you don't sound sexist. As long as you are enjoying the game for the actual GAME part, that is.
  3. It's weird how you brought that up. David Jaffe said having a black guy play Kratos would be pretty awesome. Even though Kratos is pale as all hell, it would indeed be interesting. The guy could get angry very well and he actually sounded decently like Kratos. Weird, maybe when it comes to video game movies....you have to fudge with the original vision of the characters.
  4. Mine goes from left to right: Eddie, Ophelia, Lars, Lita. Unoriginal I know. But I like to honor the heros. When Ophelia is Drowned however, I change Ophelia to Mangus because he's freaking AWESOME.
  5. Dude, when I saw the original trailer I legitametly thought you would be able to fly outside of stage battles. I was so pumped. I was like...."Yeah those bound serpents are gonna' suck it when I can fly.", "I can't wait to explore and soak in the beauty of the land when I can fly.", "Holy crap, trailer showing of flying?! Awesome!" Yeah....then someone slaped me in the face and said "There is no flying outside of battles. Jackhole. And you know how you love how to jump and everything? There will be none of that nonsense. In actuality, the whole game turned out a lot different than my original envisionment of it. But I still love it. Sososososososososo much.
  6. I think the movie actually has a lot of potential......and Prince of Persia is a fantastic goddamned game. Though, when I played it recently....none of the level design makes a ton of sense. Honestly....moving staircases that you have to wallrun down to? How did people get shit down there?!?!?!
  7. It's really helpful getting the Oculus. Honestly.....I got everything in like....2 hours. All bound serpents in no time. Even if you don't like the multiplayer....the shwag you get with the mapy pack is incentive enough to purchase it. Costumes, a new axe, threads, back patches, car upgrades. They really are epic.
  8. I would say Gay Tony, because I heard Dragon Age will take away ALL of your life for a little bit. I can't say because I haven't actually played them. But that's what I heard.
  9. Holy crap! I played those too! I remember I tried to beat RC in a race because my feeble mind couldn't comprehend that you needed to use the rocket boots. I eventualy became so obsessed with it where I discovered a gltich where you could ride on RC and then jump off into the finish line and win. Pretty cool considering I was like....7.
  10. If you have those on the 360, hit me up, we can DJ together. Oops, forgot gamertag: Ma3hem Sorry, PS3.
  11. Okay, so after playing Psychonauts multiple times....we all know that there are more than a few secrets. Since Brutal Legend is from the same developer, we can assume the same can be said for Brutal Legend. What secrets/easter eggs have you found?
  12. DJ Hero. Brutal Legend. FF-7. And Rock Band 2. I would be happy if I had people to play some of these games with.
  13. On the topic of this.....what do you have to do to get the Eye thingy that points everything out. I bought the Hammer of Infinite Fate pack....and I don't see.
  14. .....Hey, remember this? Haha, good times. Sorry to necropost...I was just bored and I thought I'd check out some of the classic threads I started.
  15. Shaun of the Dead. I had forgotten how hysterical this movie is and how it manages to come up with the most clever instances of repelling zombies (seriously, throwing out your shitty record collection to kill them? Or having Queen blare in the backround as you beat a zombie endlessly with a pool que? Awesome).
  16. Just beat Assassin's Creed 2. What a game. From the intense platforming, to the ferocious fights....I haven't had so long. I highly reccomend you attempt the thought-provoking puzzles and witness a Conspiracy Theorest's wet dream. If you don't own this game....you should.
  17. What do you think? Does it have the same level of charm and wit?
  18. You know.....without women. We'd all be dead. And--*shoots women promotor in the face* WHO WANTS TO HEAR A SEXIST JOKE?!?!? Why shouldn't women be allowed to have Driver's Licenses? BECAUSE THERE'S NO ROAD FROM THE BEDROOM TO THE KITCHEN!
  19. 9 was very "meh" to me. The story was severely lacking, and the fight-scenes were lame (which was basically the only thing left for you to love besides the art-style). Not a bad movie, just not great. Maybe if they had a plot and made it about a half-hour longer (filled with said-plot) then maybe I would've liked it more.
  20. Been playing some Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time. It's really awesome. I pretty much collected everything and upgraded the weapons. I was going to go through challenge mode then get my Platinum, but no, I had to have my file get corrupted. YAY FOR ME!!!
  21. Brutal Legend. The Multiplayer is addictive once you get good at it (as I predicted) and the Singleplayer is still so much fun!
  22. Try Flower that game takes that concept of fl0w and improves on it ten-fold.
  23. So has anybody been able to master the hiearchy system with these guys? I just tried them and boy are they daunting. I still won the match, but I was really confused half the time. Thank god that Doviculus is so awesome at fighting and for the Bleeding Deaths.
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