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  1. Hey just wondering why the Brutal Legend Forums seems so empty? Is no one as excited as myself to talk about this game?!!! I mean I busted my balls writing cool pseudyo fan fics of the game and no one has checked them out! Oh well, guess some people have actually lives. I'll quit bitching now.
  2. I really wish I had the game with me right now, but sadly I do not it's so hard to remember. Is it at the G.P.C.?
  3. Where the efff am I, I know I've only been posting for 2 days. But c'mon everyone needs a dragon with an arm protruding from it's back!!! BTW cool artwork Mudron.
  4. Could I use a hint for #3 O' great alien? I am not an alien. I am a robot, meat sack. *Whacks you with an inflatable toy* But very well. HINT #1, Question 3: Cheat codes are needed to hear the answer to this. Namely one that is confusing... My apologies for making thread uberly messy and for mistaking you as an alien. Mikhail lifts you in the air?
  5. I got it first, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 4)The lunch meat from the circus. 6) IDK at all. Laugh now, human. You have not won yet. 4) No. *Slaps you* You and it have to work together to make it float. It cannot just be floating when you come in. 6) Hint? Seeing as a question has been eliminated, I can allot you one more. Hint #2: You have to hit someone to get this cutscene. However, the person you hit is not the one who causes harm to Raz. This scene is often missed if you 're in a hurry to learn a new power. 6) Maloof you hit Maloof and Mikhail hits you!
  6. I got it first, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 4)The lunch meat from the circus. 6) IDK at all.
  7. 1) Phoebe with the bulletin board where she calls Lil a hoe, does that count then? Plus the other 3 that I mentioned.
  8. 1) Sasha Nein "My ass is covered" Raz "What the hell was that?" Ford "Put your ass between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!" Crispin-INCORRECT! 4) It's a trick question right? Meat from the meat bunnies. You can pick them up via telekinises! 6) Either A when you hit Dogan before basic braining or B when you try to light the drummer on fire, I forget her name though.
  10. Wait no, it's Mikhail against Benny when he does the deadly Nelson, oh and Crispin swears at you if you aren't fully disguised as Lobotto.
  11. Elka wants to kick Raz's ass because he torments her via a button which he says Nils ripped off a girls shirt! Sasha Nein swears when Raz's gets his learner's permit he says "If you hadn't got that permit Milla would've kicked my ass!" or something, All I know is he says ass. The Milkman I believe swears when blowing up the house in Boyd's Mind. IDK the rest
  12. I like the jazz idea as well. I guess i would like to see...........................................................................................maybe something like an opera-ish musical, everything would sung in long and overdramatic tones which would be hilarious (because I actually don't care for Opera at all) a really good example of this would be in Shrek 3 where Prince Charming is singing, it's atrocious but funny. Special Powers would include Breaking Glass with your voice, pushing objects just by yelling, and singing your enemies to sleep, it could be a cool viking opera so you could have some intense combat. Because Opera is diverse in looks, there would be manydifferent sections like a Norse section. Then maybe a Sweeney Todd based section, you would blend brute force with your wits to assassinate others. There really is no particular limits for it at all. I think the story would revolve around a particular opera actor who is catching shit in his everyday life so when he's ready to perform he takes the situation in the play and how it relates to him and solves the overall problem of the day. Not very creative, but it would be fun. Because of my lack of creativity I'll provide two suggestions, another would be rap. That classic, go from rags to riches cliche would be the story in your first gig you must face off in a battle of improvisation with another wannabe, the DJ puts the record on the turn table and the battle begins. The screen goes completely dark and only 2 sihlouette's can be seen as a notebook is seen in the backround. You start off first, using a combonation of button presses and words go from your mouth onto the page of the notebook. Your first verse was superb and you send the oponent flying, then you proceed by pulling out another verse. Your character jumps up into the air and starts beating the hell outta him while you contiously rap. Shit, you missed a beat, the other character takes notice and turns the tables on you he's now beating the shit out of you and sends you spiraling into the ground. Major damage! He starts to rap again, but you cut him off, the words are almost filled up on your pages as you rap and beat up on this man. Finally you rap till the pages is filled, when you unleash your super move with just a tap of the button. Words file from the page directly to yout foe, he is diced up within moments, the screen returns to it's regular look and you have won your first battle. I imgaine the world to look kind of like the artist's mind in Psychonauts, except everyone is covered with words instead of neon. There cold be cool gun fights and car chases as you seek revenge later on in the game. All with a unique score. The engine would be amazing to generate words it would be like a fighting game/third person adventure/puzzle/shooter and it would be awesomeness (even though I don't like rap as much as rock)
  13. That idea is pretty cool, I think that the scene you described however would be a weird dive into Eddie's self concious, but with more metal elements and some of that strange white blinding backround. In my humble opinion every boss should be completely unique because they should all be like a complete mind fuck and Eddie is confused outta his mind. Perhaps in a driving boss battle, there is a huge landscape with only you and a hellish driver. When you began to approach him all cockily he suddenly shouts and a blackness emanates from him, the blackness engulfs everything and leaves the entire screen black with only red lines that show the outline of all the objects (after another flash it returns to the regular color palette), suddenly the ground begins to deform and ramps materialize, the land has just transformed from a desolate and somewhat boring zone, to a crazy high speed stunt battle complete with loads of jumps. The battle could start off with you going toe to toe with the demon by driving past each other and circling around whilst shooting, it could be very cool, after a few minutes...your adversary turns the ground into mud and your car gets stuck in mud. Quickly you grab your guitar and jump on the hood of the car and you play a quick riff, the car is taken into the air via dragon who uses it's guttural roar to get the mud off of the tires. Suddenly a large boulder comes flying your way, but fear not for you just click on the radio and the heavy metal music coming from the car shatters it instantly. More boulders come at you and after a few moments your dragon is pelted (thanks to a scripted event) your car just manages to traverse a large chasm and you are in hot pursuit of your foe. Now you must chase the Demon rider whilst shooting at him and traversing dangerous terrain. You chase him for a good thrity seconds until out of nowhere sprouts forth a completely circular tunnel. He darts into it with you hot on his tail, then he jerks the car up the sides of the tube, in no time you are up there with him, as your sense of direction goes completely outta of whack, you shoot at him. After a while you began to see a light, that is slowly getting more and more narrow it's the exit of the tunnel it's closing you put the pedal to the medal in hopes of making it. DAMN, he made it just in time, but you are stuck in the tunnel. What shall you do? All you can do is wait until a huge burrowing noise is heard, then you see a bunch of hands sprouting from the ground. It's the goth's that you helped in the previous level! The goth's have been kept to dig for the Overlord's resources such as oil for his lighter, and gold that he melts for his guitar strings. So the Goth's have super strong hands, and they dig upon the tunnel as well as fix your car which has suffered from crashing into the wall. You drive onto another empty plain. And you see your foe, who is surprised you made it out of the tunnel. Quickly he claps his hands and the ground seperates and forms two collosal ramps that help to jump over the massive gap seperating Eddie and the Demon. You hear the Demon driver as he jumps into his car and revs up his engine. He and Eddie simultaneously say "Let's do this!" (the Demon has a creepy voice) and they both begin to drive. A quicktime event pops up and it shows Eddie and the Demon going ever faster until they climb to the top of the ramps and their cars fly towards each other in slo mo over the gap. Eddie hit's a button in his car which activates two blades to protrude from the sides of the car, then he hits another which is the turbo of his car which quickly destroys the other car, but the Demon is hanging from the blade of the car. Eddie jumps out on the blade and grabs the Demon, who is weak and frail from using so much magic. Eddie notices and rips off a medallion located on the demon's neck and then throws the demon down the treacherous pit. The car slowly sinks, it's not going to make it. Eddie has no idea what to do. But he jumps into the car, then he says UNDO THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE! The ground returns to normal, game fades out. That's my idea for the .game And with epic battles like this all of them would feel fresh and add so much to the gameplay. Can't wait to see what DF cooks up though.
  14. Everything that was said (especially the buckle, it screams bad ass and says "Don't fuck with me!") And I think A Brutal Legend style Guitar for Guitar Hero/Rock Band. As well as the mini record player that was given to a handful of people along with the Brutal Legend Record. Maybe Brass Knuckles, A Pen, A Sword or Axe inscribed with BRUTAL LEGEND, The Game, Soundtrack, Wings that attach to the back triggers of your controller (Or altogether awesome controller complete with Eddie Riggs Face for a guide button as well as Flames along the grips and a kickass picture that supports all of the images and makes it look friggin' sweet.) Cards containg bio's on the character's, A concept art booklet, a Complementary dvd, and a demo for Psychonauts 2. If that was all included I would pay 300 dollars and melt with joy!
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