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  1. You can do that?! Shitfuck, how could I've missed that! Especially after Psychonauts had so much fun stuff like that! Yeah, my friend did it as a joke and we discovered it. If you play cool solos in front of them sometimes the characters congratulate you on your prowess.
  2. Sounds like a ton of fun. Are there any other competitions people have thought of outside of the battle mode?
  3. YESSS!!! I'm not the only one who found that terribly hilarious! :snake: The AMV of paranoia secret agents dancing to that song would be the greatest tribute to Psychonauts that ever existed. It would be 10x more epic if they were just in the game and you could recruit them for the army. They'd pwn everything by asking gratuitous amounts of questions in a dark room under a solitary light.
  4. Episode 6 and 7 are my favorite! Canada is really epic in those games.
  5. I also found another Psychonauts Reference. 5 words and one amazing song. We Are The Road Crew.
  6. I picked Ironheade because I liked them, I didn't know the Firebarons were an amazing cheat or whatever. Regardless, I'm going to be as honorable as possible online. Today I had my first much against a Tainted Coil user. It was awesome. I won by distracting him with a Rock Crusher (which he destroyed and then advanced, whilst my stacked army attacked from the other side. I was quite proud of myself.
  7. Are you the same Avatar_Rage from the inFamous boards? indeed i am, glad to see a fan ;-) i just get tones of ideas for sequels and stuff when i finish great games like brutal legend and infamous I see, well. Nice to be posting with you once again.
  8. I think there should've been some Iron Maiden. It kind've annoyed me that they had an Iron Maiden reference, but no actual Iron Maiden.
  9. Ummmm....if you're into really challenging RPGs I've heard that Demon Soul's is pretty awesome. The new Ratchet and Clank comes out in 4 days as well and that's been garnering good reviews.
  10. Nope, totally not necessary. Unless you want the story on why Elena and Sully are tight with Drake, but other than that...this is really a standalone adventure.
  11. Riot and Brocas Helm and Budgie. I've also learned to avoid bands. Bands like 3 Inches of Blood, which sounded good in the trailer of the game, but in actuality suck really bad.
  12. Beat Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Wow, what an epic rollercoaster of an adventure. I have the urge to play Brutal Legend again though, which I will probably start tomorrow, and a craving for more Uncharted. These are definitely going to eat away my life for a while.
  13. OKAY I'M DOING IT! But I didn't reserve Uncharted 2....oh boy, convincing the clerks to give me the game is going to be SO much fun!
  14. This is awesome! But I feel as though I'm cheating Tim and Doublefine out of their money. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?! I mean, I can get Uncharted 2 now, but, but.....I don't know.
  15. My friend and I played Rock Band all day, but we knew in our hearts that playing Brutal Legend would've been ten times better. Hopefully the day flys by, because 4: 30 is quite a wait.
  16. I think he's convinced that IGN is the root of all evil and only gives good scores to main-stream games. EDIT: 2 hours and 51 minutes people. Unfortunately, I have to pick mine up tomorrow afternoon......being 14 is so unmetal sometimes.
  18. Three words. Chris Tucker's Hair. (Wait, is that four because of the apostrophe?)
  19. No......I just think that, being a DF fan and all you'd be a little upset.
  20. I assumed it just came with your copy of the game if you picked it up from Gamestop. Because that's what happened when I got Batman: Arkham Asylum
  21. But the 13th is........? Nevermind, I don't wanna' piss on your parade.
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