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  1. Hey! I think that this subject should definitely be more stirred up! I'm also very very interested in whether or not you guys down at Double Fine are offering any sort of internships.
  2. I hadn't noticed until I read this post, but the name is actually a bit lacking. I feel like the title should somehow involve the main character's name. Charlie Blackmore sounds a lot more appealing than Stacking. Personally, I don't really care because I don't judge based on name, but in terms of marketing and getting people out of the know involved, Stacking isn't the best title. Nevertheless, this game looks awesome :3
  3. ...for everyone at Double Fine You guys are just the best. Just needed to say that haha. Ever since Psychonauts, I've been hooked. I'm glad I decided to pick up that game with it's appealing cover art. Turned out to be a good idea :3 Everyone, express their love for everything that is Double Fine, Tim Schafer, and his wonderful wonderful team. (If you haven't already, in which case, just repeatedly keep doing so.)
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