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  1. Half of the fun in this game is trying out weird/new combos. You have to remember that not everyone spends all day on the forums only using the best dps weapons every game. I like using weird stuff sometimes, If there are four players then you can experiment with anything.
  2. Rocket launchers and flame throwers would be great, artillery needs to be useful. I also would like new shock mines. One more thing, lasers that are actually good. Think heavy laser with a dps of 120 and youre there.
  3. Has anyone actually found a good setup for the barrel thrower? I think you can get like 10-15 barrels down....Not used it since dlc release. Obviously its just a weapon for fun, but is there a setup that makes it worthy of the three slots?
  4. Lmfao, so using two is still worse than one el muerte. What a waste.
  5. It says it does 90 damage, is that 90 damage per second or 90 damage until it has to cooldown?
  6. Do smasher legs even do any actual damage?
  7. I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss this idea. It has merit. Throw a couple Amps and Willies in there to mix things up. But have wave after wave of flyers of various types, mixed with the appropriate tube worm distractions. It might be really great on an African map!! Cheers! I was thinking a map with limited space, smaller than swamp but darker and foggy. Can you imagine a noid attack where 20-30 come from each spawn in the very early rounds? Volt droppers - how about 3 every time they come out? Not saying its the best idea ever but it would be a nice change of scene is all. Also i was thinking the aerial map would have two bases, imagine swamp, one where the bridge base normally is and another where the enemy comes out of the spawn facing the bridge (next to the mountain).
  8. Shock, all day everyday. Fun, and still pack a decent punch.
  9. This game has the best randoms compared to other teamwork based games but there are still a good few who are to be avoided at all costs. - Mr camo shotgun guy - Mr twin Lt archie trench guns - Mr we need dampeners everywhere - Mr walks past enemies to collect scrap - Mr I put sniper turrets down, ill be back in 20 mins
  10. I'm not sure if this game is still being supported by the devs but if a new dlc pack is out of the question then how about you guys turn a few campaign maps into horde maps. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to create if you already have the maps. Maybe an all aerial enemies only map?
  11. Swamp 100 was a good run last night, especially with the 6 shredders you brought, it felt like a double xp weekend lol, good game - IPUR3 EVIL.
  12. Ive done everything in the checklist using only the very first machine gun ( the one that does 1 damage) It was easy.
  13. I have just the circle but couldnt care less...
  14. If any of you guys wanna get a group together let me know, my GT is - IPUR3 EVIL, im up for all those barrel shenanigans. I can also record the games and put it on youtube so everyone else can see the vietnam reenactment.
  15. Pretty much from day one i will join a game where it wont start because the lobby shows 4 people but only 3 mechs are docked, and the game timer just stops or restarts. Also when people either lag out of a game or quit it closes down the whole room. Iron brigade 9 times out of 10 seems to pick the worst host out of four players, if i start a lobby and manage not get thrown into somebody elses room its still not my host and my connection is perfect for hosting games. Better host system, few other bugs, still the best arcade game ive played and i thought nothing would beat monday night combat off my top arcade list.
  16. Dampening gens on each column of the bridge (left side), piercing sniper turrets everywhere, especially looking down the the two lanes and across the bridge, upgrade them over building lots of level ones a mistake that a lot of people make. The only trouble you will have is jacobs, use either a hole puncher and el muerte or two el muerte and kill the jacobs asap and the snipers will do the rest for you, the more snipers the better, just upgrade them and make sure key points are covered with dampners. Also have maybe two to three super shredders fully upgrades watching each lane, this will protect you from cathys and also stop knobs taking out any snipers you dont have above the ground.
  17. Me and a friend wanted to play settlement so we searched for two randoms. We got in a room with two Japanese guys and it was their host, one of them was a heavy and one engineer which was what me and my friend were using. We got to level 60 something dispite the lag spikes and the random guys using no mic or at least they weren't in game chat. Randoms can be good but only when experienced in survival, just wish people would build sniper turrets instead of 20 non upggraded camo shotguns. If anyone wants to add me my GT is IPUR3 EVIL, Would prefer to only play with people from the UK just because of connection, this game is bad in laggy hosts or if your not from the UK at least somebody with a good connection like me. Hospital - 100 Swamp - 60 something settlement - 60 something.
  18. Guy above me is bad at monday night combat : )
  19. I got the zebra and cheetah paint job from settlement survival, i got another one too i think it was martian camo, im not sure. I got my fez and smoking jacket now though so im happy.
  20. I tried the heavy laser and thought it was worthless, maybe two would be better but still weak. I think 6 faster blasters are pretty good as they take out anything up to around wave 60 and then are weak (but what isnt) but they are excellent for knobs and cathys.
  21. I havnt even tried them, if they are anything like the actual broadcasters they will probably be a waste of space.
  22. Thanks, i will give it a try tonight maybe and post a video of my attempt, just put up a settlement vid with 4 but we didnt do that well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt4K-aB8m68
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