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  1. I think this was my favorite episode so far. I really like the close look at content creation on display here. Peter McConnell's music sounds perfect for the game and watching him make it was the highlight of this episode. Also I loved seeing the Lucasarts cross cursor and font in game.
  2. I'm always surprised when I hear the sentiment that Tim Schafer games are supposed to be pure comedy. None of his games have ever been close to that. Grim, Full Throttle, Pyschonauts are all a blend of drama, comedy, and some action. If you made a trailer for any of those games it would not come across as funny either. I think the best entertainment isn't constrained by one genre or convention. The best shows, movies, books contain all these without the exclusion of the other and games should be no different.
  3. I would want to see that new tomb raider hair technology TressFX in brutal legend 2 to get some sweet metal hair.
  4. Maybe I've been listening to too many Idle Thumbs episodes at work but I totally expected Chris Remo to join in the Metal Gear voice fun.
  5. Black Lake maybe the best game in there but Autonomous easily has the best box.
  6. It's even made the top sellers list already.
  7. Black Lake - Prototype Reactions

    I loved this prototype. Obviously the atmosphere and mood were fantastic but I really enjoyed the exploration gameplay a lot more than I thought I would. Watching the pitches and the first episode I was probably least interested in this one but after trying the game I am all for it. I think it would definitely make for a great full game. I really like the idea of telling a story through exploration gameplay. In a full game more pieces(songs and abilities) could be added to flesh it out but keeping the spotlight on the exploration of this strange world stands out from games where all the focus is on combat or puzzles. I hope this gets made eventually.
  8. The cool tools link made me laugh. Keep up the good work.
  9. Pinkerton only has 3 days left if you do intend to back it
  10. Tex Murphy kickstarter is live: Project Fedora I can't wait because this is the first adventure kickstarter that's a true sequel not to mention to a game that ended on a cliffhanger.
  11. I'm backing Jane Jensen too: Link I'm hoping it gets to 600k so we get two games instead of one but its slow going. Moebius and Grey Matter 2 sound good to me.
  12. I think Mean streets is good in its own unique way. Mostly because it forces you to play like a real investigator. Write down everything and start asking questions.
  13. The guys behind Tex Murphy are going to do a kickstarter on May 15th for a new Tex Murphy game to wrap up the storyline. I know I will definitely be backing this. Just wanted to get the word out to fellow fans of adventure. http://bigfinishgames.com/games/project-fedora