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  1. Indeed: The source of the citation is sadly offline now.
  2. I really like this version (fan art by grOmy, another forum user)
  3. Hopefully not. This is more of a nit. It brings Bernard's look closer to his personality. Part of the humor in the original was IMO related to the mismatch between his harmless looks and his readiness to wreak havok, but that's a tiny part of the game. Guybrush's design in SoMI SE is just wrong. It makes him look glib and vapid. While we're picking nits, in this image, the thorn in "Ye olde outhouse" is rendered in sans-serif whereas the "l" and the "d" have serifs.
  4. Agreed for the butt scratching, but for the default pause, I see a pout not unlike this one, but with blanker eyes. Kid of like in the below image, but with a more prominent lower lip like in the next one. . In my eyes, his pixellated self is indeed more dorky. I also agree that while most of the art is straightforward to upscale, the few pixels that make up his face are more open to interpretation. I just felt that something present in the original had been lost, and, since the intention is to make it look "as you remember it", I wanted to raise that concern. Other will remember differently, I don't pretend to hold the only correct interpretation.
  5. They are in the rest of the game, save a few animations. And even in the closeup sequence you show, his next expression has rounded eyes.
  6. I understand it could be a ton of work to tweak it, but it totally changes the character, IMO for the worse. I don't have the game at hand, but IIRC, he takes a more determined/mischievious expression when he does special actions. Also, I believe the SCUMM engine treats heads and bodies separately to allow characters to talk, walk and do other things independently. Altering the default face/talking animation would alredy go a long way. Edit: I just went through a Youtube playthrough, and he has ~20 custom animations where the glasses are visible, most of them with round eyes... So the task is more daunting than I thought.
  7. Hello all :-) The screenshots released so far look awesome, but for Bernard's glasses. In the original, the lenses are circular in his default expression, which makes him look goofy and inoffensive. In the remake, the top of the lenses follows the upper frame in a straight line, which makes him look like a smartass more than anything. Is it intentional?
  8. I'm downloading it right now. The ETA is 3am local time, so I'll report tomorrow if it works or not. Costume Quest isn't working either, for a weird reason. Is the message coming from you, or is it an Apple thing?
  9. So the weird reason for failing was this “odd” transmission method. Everything makes sense now! Thanks for looking into this so quickly.
  10. Before packaging, did you see the edit of my first post (maybe that's what you meant by cleansing)?
  11. The hash for my version (which is still the one downloadable at the moment) is f056880fdaa4d023a1cc71b513cd3146. My zip archive is not corrupted. I'm downloading Costume Quest.
  12. I just downloaded the Mac version of Stacking through the Humble Bundle torrent. The game closes as soon as it loads (the icon barely appears in the Dock). The Console app gives the following message: 5/8/13 12:06:53.566 AM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[231]: ([0x0-0xe16e16].com.doublefine.stacking[70876]) Job failed to exec(3) for weird reason: 13 5/8/13 12:06:53.575 AM Dock[246]: no information back from LS about running process I find the second line oddly poetic... I'm using a late 2012 MacBook Air with OS X 10.8.3. Core i5, two cores+hyperthreading, 8GB of RAM. Intel HD4000 512 MB. Edit: Poetic, poetic, if not downright hillarious... 2am is too late to write. BTW, a few Lua source files have been left in Contents/Resources/Data/Config. Nothing critical, but since they all start with -- Copyright 200x Double Fine Productions -- All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. I though you may have left them by mistake... The SDL header files are also left in the app. They take a whopping 1.2 MB.
  13. Thanks for the prompt fix. Another nit regarding the web site: the "forgot password" phrase isn't a link...
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