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  1. Awesome job. I was wondering do you have the full list of episodes, side quests and bonus videos listed by date, want to try to watch them in pretty much the order they came out. Since the blue rays don't have sidequests I'll have to figure out when to watch each of those ;-) thanks.
  2. ::cough:: Episode 3 ::cough:: hmm...I think you need a cough drop, this is the second time you've been hacking at me =P
  3. Totally in more for the documentary then the game. Is the office the only place that Tim is thinking about the game? a change of scenery maybe? let see more then just the DF office area =D
  4. Pretty much all of the video content is exclusive for you guys. This just means more of it. While I'm in support of the video remaining exclusive for the duration of the project, I hope there is a plan for a wider release (maybe inclusive of a "theatrical" cut), after the project ends. As Tim says, showing the reality of the games business through this docu series is a really big deal. We're thinking of a feature cut for the series, but it's up in the air. We just have to see how the whole thing plays out. A few organizations have expressed interest in it for sure, so the series will be available after the project is over. You guys still get everything first though, that's the deal. How about after everything is done and live, you put it all together, make a nice documentary and get it on Netflix. Ya that would be a great promo for the game =)
  5. Nice, would like to see these on the blue ray version too for easy viewing. Down the road, would be cool to dig into the individual members of the team, where they come from and how they got to DF as well.
  6. Great numbers, hope this model can be used for future games.
  7. Really nice video, I enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. P.S. I still want to see Tim dress as a pirate for a pirate bay version of a video. You know, for kicks to all those pirates out there that will eventually get the video =)
  8. The promo video sold me. I would like to see more companies crowd source their games from the bottom up instead of top down where publishers decide what people should like.
  9. I haven't played any of your games yet so this will be a first. I just want to see Tim goof off in videos is all =) How about we have Tim dress up as a pirate for one of the video releases and put it on bit torrent for all those pesky pirates =)
  10. I would just try to keep it private for at least for a period of time however I do not want to see DF wasting time trying to take down videos and leaks from other sites. It would just be a Streisand effect. It's just a waste of resources, takes away game time and does nothing to help the community. Make it easy and convenient for me to view and read updates and you will satisfy me and the backers. Everyone else is is blah, we don't care about them =) P.S. I think some cool promos would be some leaked videos right from DF. Have Tim dress up as a pirate for a pirate version of a video and release it on torrent networks! lol
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