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  1. Can you PLEASE create a detailed "official double fine tutorial" HOW to pledge SECURE without a credit card? Many of us are not familiar with prepaid credit cards and some are better than others (also regarding the additional costs). In addition to that, this saves alot time for the users who want to pledge. Since there is no other possibility for so many people outside the US to pledge, a detailed tutorial would really help and I personally will not pledge without such a tutorial. If you make such a tutorial, please make also sure that everyone finds it, e.g. by updating the kickstarter page.
  2. That's what I also still hope. However, this is the job of double fine since kickstarter won't do anything.
  3. That's what I also think. In addition, none of the solutions posted here is "easy" to do and they also produce further costs (prepaid credit card).
  4. Doesn't seem so, I have written to the kickstarter support and they won't add other payment methods than Amazon Payments (what is kinda sad when you live outside of the US). So we now have a lot of people who WANT TO SUPPORT the adventure but who CANNOT do it because of the very limited platform used. See also my thread: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5596/
  5. This is an option and I will try it if everything else fails. However, they take money for transfering money to the virtual credit card. And it's an additional step you have to take (register, transfer etc.) to pay. So it's a solution, but it's not very costumer friendly. Adding paypal to kickstarter would still be the better way. I have written an E-Mail to kickstarter now... UPDATE: I have an answer from the kickstarter support now. "All Kickstarter pledges are processed via Amazon Payments, as they are the only payments provider that allows our unique all-or-nothing funding plan. If you're interested, I've included a relevant blog post here: http://www.kickstarter.com/blog/amazon-payments-and-us-only Unfortunately, we won't be able to offer any alternative payment plans." It seems also that it does not matter that the 400.000$ are already collected. So no alternative for credit cards :-(
  6. 2D is best! The only senseful choice for a real adventure! (since you got so much money now, maybe Full HD 2D????)
  7. That's a Kickstarter thing, yes, but I dont think they will add paypal just for one of many projects on their page. In fact, I don't think they would listen / react to an E-Mail of me. That's why I'm writing in the forums here. (Also, it's alot money for double fine, not for kickstarter, so the motivation to do something should be higher...) Also, this could become a nice match: credit card on kickstarter vs. paypal (or some method germans can use!!!) on this website. I bet paypal will top the 1 mio $ earned so far on kickstarter very quickly
  8. Don't have any of them. Also I would say both are very uncommon in Germany. Please establish some alternative payment methods. (The number of germans complaining they can't pay increases continuosly in the local forums / news comments...!!) That does not help if noone has a credit card here... Also, Timbo is correct.
  9. Can you tell me how? When I try to pay, I get redirected to Amazon Payments. Amazon Payments asks me then for one of these cards: Visa MasterCard American Express Discover Diners Club JCB I don't have any of them. What's the trick?
  10. Hello everyone, I would really like to spend the 15$ to support the next Double Fine Aventure and get the game + follow the game's development. I registered at kickstarter but, however, the only payment method available is Amazon Payments and therefore I would need a credit card to pay. Since I'm from Germany I don't have a credit card (additionaly I know noone who has one) and there are no other common payment methods available (paypal??). As it seems, I am far not the only one with this problem so it would be very nice to establish an additional payment method (for example paypal) to support the project. Since the kickstarter project was also in German gaming news (gamestar.de), this would help to significantly increase the fundings for your project (from outside america!). Best regards, Immo
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