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  1. This is great news, thanks Malleys. Now I really can't wait to play Grim Fandango again.
  2. I also say Sam & Max. But in an artstyle similar to Monkey Island 3 please.
  3. Well, LucasArts games were the first games that had voice acting to begin with. I don't know why, but today many games are being dubbed in german with amateur voice actors because it's cheap. (although it's getting better, especially Ubisoft is giving us more and more high quality dubs) I can't say if it was much better back in the day, I only know that there were some games, especially LucasArts adventures that were done really good. In Sam & Max, the voice actress of Max was actually the same that voices Bart Simpson in the german version of the Simpsons. And Tommi Piper, who voices Manny in Grim Fandango is actually the standard german voice of Tony Danza. So it always was like watching a high quality movie or tv show because you knew some of the voices from TV. It's like when today Jack Black is voicing a character in Broken Age. A voice you recognize and love. It's hard to explain, but the main reason is of course that I know the game with the german voices. It was a well done dub with good actors and I just want to experience it again the way I know it, just with updated graphics and controls.
  4. Well, if the original recording exists, I bet there would be a way to enhance them. Still, I would even take them in it's original quality, I just want to have them back.
  5. Microsoft's E3 conferences have been great for some time now, they just showed game after game, just like they did the last two years. The only problem is that most of those games are multi platform games anyway, so it's not like we need an Xbox to play those. The EA conf. was probably the most boring, I agree with that but I just hate Ubi's forced attempts to be funny. You are not funny Aisha Tylor, so just stop trying please! Sony had a great conference, but even though it wasn't a conference I think Nintendo kinda stole the show this year. Zelda just looks so goddamn gorgeous.
  6. Definitely an interesting topic. Would be great to get some clarification on that by Tim or someone else involved. Although I know it's probably a bit early to tell in regards to the Grim Fandango Remake. Haven't even seen a single screenshot of it yet.
  7. If true, that would really be a deal breaker for me. I just want to make sure Double Fine knows that this is going to be a big deal for many german fans, so I hope you guys do everything to get the rights to the dub. I count on you!
  8. I think it's mostly something that they are used to, as all their media is dubbed. They are very consistent with it, for example every movie star has their own voice actor for dubbing. They then prefer the dubbed version of movies in general, because for them that's the correct voices with the faces. Well, that's a little biased. Actually, most of my friends don't watch dubbed movies, they watch all the english movies in english. I do too, most of the time. But the truth is, Germany really dubs all foreign movies, and since they do that and did that for many years, they actually have build up a whole "industry" of great voice actors. This means, that sometimes the german version is even better than the original, because they have such great voice actors. Still, that is just true for some voice actors and some movies/games. The Last Of Us for example is a million times better in English, but many other games sound pretty great in German as well. From what I heard, Grim Fandango is pretty good in English, but that doesn't change the fact that I grew up with the german dub of Grim Fandango. When I played it, I was still too young to understand English, so I played the german dub of course. And know what, it was just very very well done. And when you play games from your past, you actually want to get that nostalgic feeling, right? You want to feel like you felt when you first played Grim Fandango. I want to say "Oh my god, that's so great, I recognize all those characters again (also because of their voices of course) but they look so pretty now. I can't wait to experience this story again". Seriously, I doubt I would buy it if the german dub is not included. That may sound dumb, since I speak English, but it's just not the feeling I want to get when I play this. If I would play this again but in another language that I knew it, I would just think about how much I miss the german voice actors all the time. It would not be a good experience for me.
  9. Oh actually I really like the english language and most games are way better in English. But Grim Fandango had a great iconic dub (as did many LucasArts games back in the day, especially the Monkey Island games). I want to have the same expierence again that I had when I first played it. And the german dub was a big part of that. Considering that the german dub already exists I doubt it would be to much work to include it. But I fear nonetheless since Kingdom Hearts also had a fantastic german dub filled with all the childhood nostalgia and they just did not include it in the HD remasters (which was followed by a shitstorm of pissed fans). Anyway, I really hope Double Fine will hear their german fans out and include it. (They already know german people love adventures right.... even though I'm Austrian ^^ and I think it had a lot to do with great dubs back in the day)
  10. Even if its a timed exclusive why the fuck should loyal and longtime fans be forced to wait god knows how long while some console jockey gets first run at it? Pathetic! I'm positive it will be released for PC sooner or later. Besides, think about getting a PS4, it's an amazing console which will get amazing games soon.
  11. Hi there Tim and Team! I just had to open up a new thread for this, first to say thank you, because Grim Fandango is my favorite adventure of all time and I can't wait to play the remastered version. Still, I need to to beg you, please release this with it's original german dub (in german speaking countries). So much nostalgia and charm was in this dub back in the day, and if I play it again it has to be with its original german voice cast. So, I hope you guys will confirm this soon! Thank you so much, all the best, Quinn
  12. Monkey Island 3 is actually my favorite MI game the way it was released. So, no.
  13. I guess I would be ok with both options. But I can understand Freddies argument. Also, I might decide to stay away from spoilers one day and if those forums are open for everyone, those spoilers might get all over the gaming news worldwide, so I think I'm for keeping it private.
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