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  1. Was Joel Mchale Stoned hosting the video game awards? Serious question. I mean Tim Schafer and the other game devs/actors seemed like the only sober people on that show. Did anybody at double fine see him shooting up/smoking or drinking anything before or during his time on stage?
  2. I always wanted a point and click ducktales adventure game or any disney afternoon point and click game that was done like the lucasarts CD talking indiana jones point and click but it never happened.
  3. Why won't tim schafer give a quote about ducktales? I would be lining up to give one about ducktales. http://youtu.be/6N0PzqF9gWY
  4. So the Chances of double fine buying rights to Willy beamish with monkey island maniac mansion and all those with the million still at 1 in 19 trillion? I am ready to win the lottery before somebody has the balls to make a willy beamish adventure game again. I expected manic mansion or grim fandago to come back first (it is closer to happing like the end of the world in 2012 and hell snowing) It's ok I can take the bad Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert most likely hated anything Sierra and dynamix put out anyway since Sierra was the enemy of Lucas arts point and click adventure team or something like that in my mind that is how it went down in a war with tanks on fire don’t ruin my fantasy of 1990's adventure game wars for me. seriouslty it would like cost what $10 to get the rights to that game?
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