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  1. hi ho quick question is there a way to configure hero groups ? i got alot heros now .. when you select wich heros you wanna take you allways have to scroll around thats kinda anoying is there a way to configure groups so that you are able to say "take this 4 heros" with just one click then take another 4 heros etc etc
  2. i finished the game 5 times now to collect everything (sadly a few gamerscores are broken .. havent got the "whole story" achievments) i can say this i dont want dlc´s .... but i really wanna have a sequel =) with enough environments that keep the game fresh even after replaying it so keep your time doublefine and dont do dlcs .. use your other ideas 4 a sequel (the riddles could be harder too )
  3. np i also got this "problem" right at the "start hotdog" but this is intended ... look @ the how to play section ... X = interact / B= drop + take
  4. yeah this happens when an object is infront of something useable (like hotdog machine) just press B instead of X and you character should take the item
  5. hi ho doublefine first i love the cave + every game you have ever made keep rocking i have finished the game 3 times now ... so i wanna give yo a little post mortem (totally gonna play it two more times 1. ZOO / MINE / ISLAND (aka the areas youll always walk along) it would be awesome if they got different layouts due the fact you have to play the game 5 times to see everything they should have 5 different layouts (at least 2-3) ... its absolutely annoying to play these parts over and over with nothing different in it 2. CHRACTER AREAS not much to complain there ...would be a "nice to have" if they got 2 layouts (different every run .. cause you have to go twice with every char ) 3. ITEMS there should be a way to swap (teleport) items between chars it totally sucks if you know what to do but you have to walk around the whole lvl again cause the character with the item is on a different spot id suggest a little standard 3 slot inventory there (3 squares / with the chars head @ the background that you know which char got which slot ) just move the items around and the chars swap items the cave tutorial message could be something like ill allow you to mess around with items while youre on your journey dont get any funny ideas like stealing the girls underwear STORY the problem here is youre just telling the "story" via "1shot pictures" i understand that it could be tricky to tell a great story couse you dont know which carater is chosen id suggest comics i mean real comics ... every cavepaint the player get = a few comic strips (3 pictures in a row / 4 rows = 12 pics = 1 strip / page) imagine every character got 50+ strips that tell their story ... ) (maybe players cant get every strip in the first playthrough so you got another motive to play this game more then once + it isnt that boring cause youll complete the story + you got a real story told via comic pages -------------------------- summary most important : layouts layouts layouts (must have) this game NEEDS more layouts ... that should be the most important thing if there is something like the cave 2 (best would be a different layout everytime you have to play till you saw everything) (= 2 different char layouts + 5 different layouts for areas you always gonna play ) if you had done this ... this game would have been an instant classic RIGHT NOW;) item swap mechanic (must have) DLCs : id totally love to see character dlcs for this game but dont do so make the cave 2 instead with enough layouts and comfort mechanics story isnt that "important" but you can totally improve there with real comics
  6. i dont trust "virtual credit card pages" paypal would be totally awesome =)
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