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  1. I bought a modded Wii U yesterday from a local guy for a decent price. He loaded a few games on there for me as well as some homebrew options (obviously). Nice to see Wind Waker and Twilight Princess in HD. Also a fan of Hyrule Warriors, which I had no idea what it was. I knew it wasn't a traditional Zelda game. Apparently it's based on the gameplay of another series entirely? Either way, I'm kind of enjoying it. He also said he'd load Breath of the Wild on it for free when it comes out. I'm still going to buy it, of course, as I will the other Zelda games he put on there for me. But it's nice to try out right away. He also put on a Mario Kart and Super Mario 3D World. Tried a bit of the latter, wasn't SUPER impressed, but I only played a couple minutes just trying it out. I might get rid of it. Personally, I don't think there's been a good Mario game since Super Mario World on the SNES. Though, I haven't really played Mario 64 either very much and everyone raves about that. Haven't touched any Marios after that at all so I'm completely out of the loop. I hear the Galaxy games are really good. Also picking up Smash Bros too. How good is it compared to Brawl? Has it gotten any better? Or worse? Anyway, enjoying my new device immensely. Can't wait to get physical copies of these Zelda games to add to my collection...
  2. How did you download it the first time?
  3. I just finished Landmark Edition. Not too different really. Not from what I remember anyway. The graphics don't look particularly better. The textures are fairly low resolution for this day and age. However, maybe it was just an engine enhancement. More of a remaster of the environment. I could be wrong but I think the grass and bushes sway more realistically in the wind and things like this. Also lighting, water shader effects, and stuff like that might be better. I played with the new commentary which mutes all the narration. This was really interesting and made the story and experience seem far more interesting than it did initially. The developers (writer, art director, and composer) all had some really interesting thoughts about the story and brought some interesting thoughts that others had brought to their attention about the story to the table which made me come up with new thoughts about the story which I thought was really neat. Of course, it's just a walking simulator. I'm not glorifying that aspect at all. And I'm not as much of a fan of "walking simulators" in comparison to games with actual agency and interaction. And this also doesn't convince me that having just story in a game is a good thing, sacrificing everything else. I wouldn't call this a game, though. It's more like a slightly interactive experience. But the idea and the story and the presentation are certainly creative to say the least. I never realized there was such a degree of randomness for every time you play the game. I had heard that every time you play sequentially each time would add more to the experience, but it's more than that. Apparently there are 4 different possible lines for every narration voice over cue in the game that all play randomly. And certain objects may or may not appear lying around the world at all. I saw some things in this playthrough that I definitely didn't see when I first bought the game years ago. So, neat. I'm glad I listened to the commentary, though. That somehow seemed far more interesting, possibly because it illuminated so many aspects of the game that I hadn't even noticed, even though I was looking than the standard narration might. For instance, I had no idea that in the final "level" as you're journeying up the mountainside that the peak on which the tower with the bright flashing red light sits is shaped entirely like a woman lying on her side, which immediately exploded a bunch of possible ideas through my mind. It was more interesting coming back to it after all these years than I thought it would be. EDIT: Ok, it does look nicer in Landmark. I booted up the old version and it does look dated. The colours are more drab in Source and everything just has an air of low fidelity somehow. I can't quite put my finger on it. And the bushes do sway more realistically in Landmark. Things like spec maps etc are sharper and more visible. All around looks nicer, besides the textures.
  4. I have done so.
  5. So apparently Dear Esther: Landmark Edition was released and anyone who owns a copy of the original Dear Esther on Steam gets it for free. The new version has been remade in Unity as opposed to the Source engine and has a new commentary feature. I'm-a try it out. EDIT: Apparently Landmark Edition is about 40MB smaller than the original...huh.
  6. The first time I thought it was just for looks and part of the cinematic sequence. Then after the third time I realized....wait, these are loading screens. Still, it's neat and doesn't take FOREVER. Just longer than usual.
  7. I really need to get back to The Witness. Problem is I was Youtubing it and I stopped for the holidays and just...never got back to it. But I couldn't play it without Youtubing it and I never felt like recording commentary. But I miss the game. Also the fan on my computer has been super noisy the past 2 months. But I just finally fixed it last night. It's time I revisit this island of wonder. I love this stuff. Figuring it all out after being stumped is just so satisfying. Addicting even. But even I agree that having puzzles other than infinite variations of those maze panels probably would have helped it. But at least they ARE varied. On the subject of Myst-like games, I started playing Obduction again for the first time in a while. Managed to find two portals to other worlds! That loading time is a little long, but its such a cool effect I don't mind. I'm forgetting all the lore I discovered, though, which is going to be important I'm sure...
  8. Well World War Z was bad to begin wi-.....ohhh I see what you're saying.
  9. Episode VIII marketing image. I like Daisy's new hair.
  10. Affleck was wanting out of directing the solo Batman film I thought, not out of the role.
  11. Was that an intentional pun? If so, bravo. If not, bravo anyway.
  12. I haven't really heard good things about MD since it came out.
  13. That's circle-talk for "we don't have time to finish everything so we're going to give you what we've got and charge you for the rest later." Yes, you heard that right. Zelda now has DLC.
  14. Well it's totally not one-sided in here at all.