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  1. Apparently Skybound Games is going to finish off Telltale's last Walking Dead season, according to Robert Kirkman.
  2. Didn't know he was getting married! I'll have to wish him my best.
  3. Yeah, I don't even get the launcher. I stopped getting TTG games after BTTF so I never bothered with TWD-onward. It makes sense that those games with the cloud decision comparisons would require account authentication. But then, you can get those on Steam and even GOG now so it's not essential. Though, you can still link those games with your TTG account in-game.
  4. I've got a few people on Steam including Shodan, Fawful (I think), and Dashing but haven't talked to them in years. Used to talk to Dashing all the time.
  5. Good 'nuff then. I can also confirm that Tales of Monkey Island and Puzzle Agent at least don't require account authorization. But if they don't, it stands to reason the others don't either. EDIT: And Sam & Max Season One doesn't either. I'm going to call it there.
  6. But seriously, though. I do feel bad for all those employees out of a job. I hope that lawsuit goes somewhere beneficial for them. I'm pleased about what happened to the company itself. It's justice in many ways for me personally. I don't know about your TTG games, but none of mine require account authorization anymore and haven't for a while. I'm pretty sure they changed that a while back, which is why I redownloaded some of them then. I've redownloaded them all now. Question: Do the GOG or Steam versions of Tales of Monkey Island have Harrington's LeChuck voices in 101 still? Because if not, the Telltale version is the only one that does. Unless the Earl Boen version was exclusive to the physical DVD that you could order from their store once upon a time.
  7. Clone Wars is back. 12 more episodes to tie off the old series. Mostly if not all consisting of pre-written and pre-recorded/animated content. Finally we'll be able to see it all. I didn't think I'd be excited about Star Wars again. At least not this soon.
  8. I love them all, but my fondest memories are with Brawl. It seemed the most epic when it came out. The massive crossover single player story campaign, all the vault unlockables, music remixes, and characters really sold it for me. I missed the Wii U/3DS wave because I didn't own those consoles, but having them now they're pretty fun. If Ultimate turns out to be everything it seems to be, it'll be my new favourite (how I've missed you, directional air dodge). This series is quite special for me because I remember as a kid wishing for exactly this kind of crossover and was floored to discover that it was actually happening. I remember reading about it and seeing early screenshots in Nintendo Power and whatnot. And the day it came out my brother and I went to Blockbuster Video and rented it first thing in the morning. I'm sure we were one of the first to take it home. What a time we had. What a blast. I love this series.
  9. Well....dang. Grain of salt 'n all, but what would she gain by lying? Clicks and views I guess, but she has a fairly large following and being dishonest now would just hurt her in the future (Grace Randolph, I mean). I hope it's true.
  10. Oh it's way worse I'm sure. Trevorrow called the atmosphere at LucasFilm "acidic". I heard (but have no links) that all the Anthology films are put on ice and that Kiri Hart (VP and head of the Star Wars Story Group) is replacing Kennedy. Rian Johnson's triloy, the GoT writers' trilogy, and the Jon Favreau live action TV show are still a go, though.
  11. So after two months of taking my kids through the MCU (and the Spiderman/Amazing Spiderman movie series) I've got to say I'm a Marvel fan now. I used to always prefer DC. I still prefer Batman above all other superheroes, and Superman is better than Captain America, but man is the Marvel lore fascinating. I've been blissfully unaware. I did watch the Silver Surfer cartoon from 1998 which only had 1 season and incredibly bad voice acting, but really gripping stories. I never knew how cohesive the Marvel universe was. I had seen the first few Marvel movies but I just wasn't interested in really keeping up with it. The first one I really liked was Guardians of the Galaxy so that was probably the first big hook. Going back through from the beginning gave me a new appreciation and after watching Infinity War in theaters last week with the family for my son's birthday, I really want to dig into it even more. I'm chomping at the bit for more MCU movies (especially after being immensely disappointed with Star Wars of late). My wife is also really into Agents of Shield. Don't really want to get caught up in the shows, but I don't think it's necessary anyway. I just keep hearing that Marvel TV shows pale in comparison to DC TV shows and I think DC TV shows aren't that fantastic (besides Smallville I guess). But yeah, Batman still rules all.
  12. Last Movie you watched...

    Took the family to see The Avengers Infinity War for my son's birthday last week. The ending was blown for me, but dang was it an enjoyable movie. Not perfect, but it was always gripping at every turn. Great humour, fantastic action (best in all the MCU IMO), each character was handled authentically to their movies. My only complaint was that But bravo anyway. What an event. This was the cultural event that Star Wars should have been. I wasn't even into the MCU as I was never a Marvel kid (was more into Batman and Superman, though Spiderman too). I was actually looking forward more to the Amazing Spiderman movies before they stopped short. But we took the kids through each of the MCU films and I gradually got more into them. Now I'm hooked.
  13. I heard Donald Glover is firm on not wanting to return as Lando in any capacity.