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  1. Lol I remember that. Fantastic audiobooks, the Darth Bane Trilogy.
  2. No. In the past Marc has done other Legends Star Wars audiobooks that feature Thrawn (the Thrawn Trilogy and Hand of Thrawn Duology) and since there was no standard to imitate, he made his own while working closely with the author (Zahn). He used it for every audiobook until Disney announced Thrawn as a new canon character in Star Wars Rebels. Lars Mikkleson was the voice on the show and so Disney forced him to imitate Lars' performance for the new canon Thrawn audiobook instead of using the old Thrawn voice he came up with himself for earlier Legends audiobooks.
  3. I just finished Thrawn a few days ago. Fantastic book. Thrawn's character, motivations, history and people are all very consistent with Legends so far. Interesting surprise at the end too. I then decided to listen to the audiobook because Marc Thompson is the king of Star Wars audiobook narration and also narrated the Thrawn Trilogy. Loved his Thrawn voice, a deep baritone brit performance. But apparently Disney forced him to do an impression of Lars Mikkleson's performance on Rebels instead. :'( Sooooo inferior. Gotta give it to Marc, though, he did beg and appeal to Disney to try to convince them that there's room for different interpretations. But now that Thrawn has been immortalized as Lars' rendition on Rebels that's what "most people" would expect to recognize. Marc himself should have been Thrawn on Rebels really if there was any chance. But Lars' voice DOES match Rebel's design of his character. He was just less recognizable in Rebels to me than he was in Zahn's books. And it's just a shame that the very recognizable Thrawn in this new book doesn't have the old recognizable voice.
  4. No one said anything about your sister and I'm sure it's obvious nobody meant ABSOLUTELY ALL OF DEVIANT ART. That's a big place with plenty of artists that have nothing to do with Sonic.
  5. Neither was I. Must be all the furries.
  6. I forgot about this. Just nabbed it. Thanks for reminding me.
  7. I can't get past the fact that they effectively hammered the last nail in the original Prey series' coffin by slapping its name on this one.
  8. What does classic mode look like in DOTT I wonder? I don't have it installed at the moment.
  9. Granted, it's not easy to upscale a pixelated image with full clarity if the resolution it's being scaled to is not a multiple of the initial resolution. ScummVM solves this by not making each pixel equal in size (width/height). But if you're trying to make the pixels perfect squares then anti-aliasing is the only way to achieve a facsimile that. Personally, I'd rather have the unequal pixel sizes. And that's not even getting into the 4:3 "tall pixel" aspect ratio correction issues...
  10. Much like the airbase, Hillary would have fired him too. And everyone would have cheered.
  11. This is out now and I am enjoying it immensely. I think this is some of Arjen's and each singer's best work and performances to date. He's also got the whole album available for free on YouTube officially. Seriously, what an amazing album.
  12. I don't understand how people don't notice this stuff. It's plain as day to me. Note, I'm not saying people are stupid for not noticing, I'm just surprised because I see (and hear) details like this all the time.
  13. If it makes sense to charge for online multiplayer server use, then why doesn't any PC game (outside of MMO's) charge for it? (...and that Minecraft Realms thing)
  14. No company should be charging for online service. ISP's charge too much as it is. I'll never pay for it. And the incentives for Nintendo's online service are particularly laughably underwhelming.