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  1. And which Sam & Max season two made fun of in one of the episodes.
  2. No, but they will let themselves go. They're not selling IPs, they're selling themselves.
  3. Is Dan Conners or whatever his name is still running Telltale? Is there ANYONE left from the beginnings?
  4. So I'm hearing rumours that Disney might buy out Fox and acquire the Deadpool and X-Men IP. A lot of people are worried that there won't be another R rated super hero movie again.
  5. Another little teaser with a couple new scenes and dialogue lines.
  6. What are you playing?

    I've got my sights on Axiom Verge to compliment my current two-game Switch library. Any informed thoughts?
  7. What are you playing?

    I love how you choose your "difficulty". "Don't worry. This doesn't affect combat, just every other aspect of your life." LOL
  8. Mark is a funny guy. That's not new, though.
  9. The Humble IGN Merger

    Isn't that the opposite? GameStop (publisher) owns Game Informer (media). I don't have near as much of a problem with a publisher owning a media. It's the media owning a publisher that makes me make weird faces. Either way my Gamergate 2.0 statement was in jest. Even so, it seems like a bit of a conflict of interest to me. Regardless of how things play out it doesn't LOOK totally innocent.
  10. The Humble IGN Merger

    Jim Sterling pointed out an interesting observation. Humble is a game publisher. A games media company now owns a games publisher. That is weird. Will this bring the ethics in games journailsm debate to a whole new level? (#gamergate2.0?)
  11. This isn't real right? Is it?
  12. It's nothing really spoilery. Nothing on the levels of Batman vs Superman or Terminator Genesys.....I wouldn't think so, anyway. MAYBE the scene at the very end, but even I don't mind that.
  13. Whatever I broke down and just watched it. Not so bad for me (and I hate spoilers), though I can see how others may want to skip it for a couple months. Interesting stuff.
  14. Compared to the TFA trailers, though. How is it? If it's just like that I don't mind.
  15. Is this trailer safe? I've been getting multiple reports (including from the director) that it's very spoilery. I'm afraid to watch it...and seeing it's only a couple months away, the wait might be worthy it. I've already unfollowed several FB groups...