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  1. Not that it matters much anymore. At least not for another 4 years.
  2. Not liking conservative politicians is definitely not hipster in this universe. Not to derail...
  3. Everything that wasn't sailing in WW was rock solid awesome. I just wish it was a full overworld game. That would have given it an almost perfect score. I agree that the beginning of TP felt on-rails, and you do go through a progression of "unlocking" certain sections of the map as you go (removing the twilight from various areas), but then....that's what every Zelda game has done really. In LTTP and LA there were certainly areas you couldn't get into until you acquired certain items. OOT had this as well, but not to as great an extent. Of course, OOT's map was small anyway and just did a fantastic job of making it FEEL huge with the music and hilly layouts as opposed to flat land (Hyrule Field would have seemed much smaller if there were no hills). But TP's map is so huge (aren't there like 3 or 4 separate maps for Hyrule Field alone that are all big and wide open??) I can't say it feels any more linear than any other Zelda technically is whether through physical obstructions or clever game mechanic blocks. I don't mine linearity, though, so maybe I just wasn't looking for what you were looking for and enjoyed the ride anyway? At any rate, TP to me has been the only game to really build on what OOT's open world feeling really brought to the table. Every other game was either a top down or a sea-sailor (like WW or SS). Tingle is no where to be found and hasn't been in any Zelda game since WW I don't think. Maybe one of the GBA/DS games or something...Beedle is in it, however. He must be his replacement because he also has a big red nose like Tingle does. He's far more tolerable, though.
  4. I watched Dr. Strange on Sunday. It was good. enjoyed it.
  5. Wind Waker was a great game. I never disputed that. But there is a lot of sailing....especially when you have to gather the Triforce pieces. Huge copout. And I just found myself wishing there was more to explore. This is more disappointing in Skyward Sword, however, as nothing is underwater yet you're sailing the sea all over again (flying above the clouds). I would have adored Wind Waker all the more if it was a whole overworld to explore in that style. The graphics were quite charming and attractive. However, Twilight Princess gave me everything I've ever wanted in a 3D Zelda game. Everything. It was spectacular. And beautiful. I probably feel about TP how you feel about WW. But WW is certainly a solid game. Like 8.5/10 solid.
  6. After a week of scouring the net every day and getting alerts from NowInStock and Zoolert, I finally purchased a Switch from The Source (formerly Radio Shack, in Canada). The availability lasted mere minutes before they were sold out again. I missed last week's BestBuy stock (never even made it to the checkout). However, for this site it kept showing in stock but then quantity zero by the time I got to the checkout. I did it a couple times more before it finally worked. Hopefully it wasn't an error and I won't get a cancellation notice tomorrow instead of a shipping process notification. But my bank account was charged and it all went through so for now I'm happy! Supposed to be delivered this fri too.
  7. I didn't criticize you, I asked a question. I love the N64 controller too! And I wasn't too impressed with Limbo either. I'm still stuck in one part and haven't progressed since I bought it. I do like the Gamecube controller though. Also, you forgot Minecraft sucks.
  8. Wow, that escalated quickly.
  9. Enjoy a lot of mindless sea sailing simulation do ya?
  10. I've been playing the Wii U Zelda and it runs great, fyi. Just a few framerate hiccups in certain areas. Nothing crazy, at least to me.
  11. I'd love to try Horizon sometime, but alas it's PS4 only. I'm already buying a Switch so I have zero interest in buying a PS4 just for Horizon. And I can't even take that on the road.
  12. I think it's more creative and funnier when people find new uses for memes out of their usual context. You can use them completely out of their element, though, so badly that you end up trying to convey the opposite meaning by not understanding the original intent, which undermines the whole comedy of the situation (or reinforces it, but then you're the ojke) and that's not a favourable position to be in.
  13. This game looks put together by monkeys.
  14. Like the new Zelda isn't Zelda? I think it's ok to have games depart from their norm. Granted, BotW is a sort of return to form, but it also breaks many conventions people think of as Zelda. MANY conventions. MANY MANY conventions. It all just depends on whether or not it's done well. In Zelda's case I think it absolutely was. In Tomb Raider's case, I have no idea as I've never played a Tomb Raider game ever. But my dad really enjoyed the reboot a lot more than the originals which were frustration fests for him. Yet, he would call himself a Tomb Raider fan even before the reboots came out.
  15. I had no doubts.