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  1. The Humble IGN Merger

    Jim Sterling pointed out an interesting observation. Humble is a game publisher. A games media company now owns a games publisher. That is weird. Will this bring the ethics in games journailsm debate to a whole new level? (#gamergate2.0?)
  2. This isn't real right? Is it?
  3. It's nothing really spoilery. Nothing on the levels of Batman vs Superman or Terminator Genesys.....I wouldn't think so, anyway. MAYBE the scene at the very end, but even I don't mind that.
  4. Whatever I broke down and just watched it. Not so bad for me (and I hate spoilers), though I can see how others may want to skip it for a couple months. Interesting stuff.
  5. Compared to the TFA trailers, though. How is it? If it's just like that I don't mind.
  6. Is this trailer safe? I've been getting multiple reports (including from the director) that it's very spoilery. I'm afraid to watch it...and seeing it's only a couple months away, the wait might be worthy it. I've already unfollowed several FB groups...
  7. What are you playing?

    Samus Returns was freaking amazing. I think it's much better than AM2R and brings new elements to the formula (counter system, Aeion abilities). It's good to see Metroid evolve (pun intended). Also loved the final boss. Still trying to get a hold of the SE with the CD (too bad we don't get the amazing Legacy Edition that Europe has).
  8. Last Movie you watched...

    That's fine. Downey had moments for sure. Overall, the story and the humour were just almost completely a miss for me though.
  9. Last Movie you watched...

    I thought Tropic Thunder was awful. Galaxy Quest has been a family favourite of ours since it first came out though. In the words of Jonathan Frakes, "it's the best Star Trek movie ever made."
  10. Cool Games that are Coming Out

    I've had Red Redemption 1 for PS3 for a long time and have yet to play it. It's just sitting there. Given to me by a friend (except he lost the map...he didn't care about video game feelies ).
  11. The New™ Nintendo™ Thread™

    I've been playing it since release, digital copy. Really wanting the Special Edition with that CD though!!! (Not to mention the reversible slip cover to make the 3DS box look like the Game Boy original box) I love the game so far! What a great return for Samus!! I've got 7 Metroids left to find so I'm getting close to the end now.
  12. Cool Games that are Coming Out

    The Witness is fantastic. I've been playing it and documenting my progress with YouTube videos. I love that it doesn't hold your hand or overtly tell you outright what to do, but it does guide you if you pay close attention. Fantastic feeling of overcoming odds of what you think you can't handle.....if you don't mind lots and lots of maze puzzles. However, for being the same kind of puzzle everywhere they're surprisingly diverse in style and approach. Some of them ingeniously so. I've never tried it but I think it's perfectly suited for the iPad.
  13. So Outlast (and an expansion) is free on Humble for a limited time. (DRM-free and Steam keys) I noticed that when you "buy" it it's listed in your keys section of your Humble account but says that you must redeem before a certain date. Is this a new trend for Humble Steam keys now? Or is it just because the game is temporarily free? Says the same thing for Oddworld which was free a couple days ago.
  14. Ok, fine. Replace "asked" with "told." That puts him back in power. Even a threat is better than just going straight to the DMCA. The way he did it was just....similarly childish.