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  1. That is a strange choice for the black biker...
  2. It's not illegal to rip game files from the game, no. It's illegal to distribute them, though.
  3. Indeed. It's not like I wish it didn't exist at all. The high quality music alone is quite the boon. Question for those who have played, is the classic digital SC-55 score still in 22khz mono? Or is that higher quality as well?
  4. Those two links are to the same video.
  5. The garbled film issue was an 8-bit palette swapping effect. Since you can't swap palettes in 32-bit colour that's probably why. Though that type of thing is a lot easier to replicate with traditional animation than 8-bit palette cycling, which is the root of most if not all the absent background animation problems.
  6. I wish someone would come up with a 21st century solution to mimic that's interesting that we never ran into this issue with DOTT. I guess there are no palette cycling effects in DOTT are there?
  7. Regarding the missing background animations, I can't picture them offhand so I can't say for sure but what are the chances those are 8-bit palette cycling effects? That would make it a little more difficult to replicate in a modern day remaster.
  8. The only great part was the voice acting.
  9. Many of the backgrounds from what I have seen DO look like they've just put some cheap supersai filter or something over them. I can almost make out the original pixels. That was disappointing. Haven't played it myself yet, though.
  10. You mean "cuts out" right when his bike jumps on top of the car? I think that's for cinematic effect. The sound and everything cuts out just as the guitar blares in. I think it works very well.
  11. Ah found it! Yes, it's so nice to hear LA's remixed audio stems in high quality! That alone makes me excited to play again!
  12. Doesn't look remastered to me.
  13. Nice to see the cloned bikers are gone.