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  1. Creative differences with Kathleen Kennedy, apparently. The wording makes it sound like differences with eachother, though. Either way.....*yawn*....wake me up when they finally announce a Kenobi film with Ewan.
  2. You can get in trouble for something your forum members post now?
  3. My sister bought Dishonoured 2 (PC), Doom (PC), and The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ (Switch) today. She's still in school in hardcore mode and has no time to play anything, however, so she gave Isaac to me to play in the meantime. Having fun with that. I plan to pick it up myself at some point. The interesting thing is that the game has new artwork. It was almost a problem with she picked it up, actually, because the placeholder case on the shelf that you have to trade for had the old artwork. (old artwork, left. new artwork, right) and the employee couldn't find it behind the counter. Finally she said "all we have is this one" and it turns out it was just the alternate cover artwork. I think it looks way cooler though. I wonder if Nintendo forced a change that was less...scary? I mean, that's silly because it's a rated M game but still....the new cover looks way more empowering and heroic than the old one. One could say it steps on the entire atmosphere that the game is supposed to be portraying but...whatever, it's just artwork. The game is what counts and the game is awesome. Also, I found a way to mod the original soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky into Rebirth on PC (which has music by an entirely different composer). The new music is good, but there's something about the original that just suits the game perfectly to me.
  4. I just watched Friday the 13th for the first time last night (the original one) after watching some Twitch streams of the new game. I finally decided it was time I watch this cultural icon as I was never interested in these movies. I shied away from horror all my life because they just weren't my thing, but I figured something from 1980 wouldn't be something someone in this desensitized day and age would really get affected as much by. If I can watch Alien or Aliens or Predator or something, I can watch 1980's Friday the 13th. I was right. The effects were good for the time but those kids don't know how to act lol. Especially the lead. Not that it was bad. I really enjoyed it. I also didn't realize that Jason only took up about 2% of screen time and he didn't even have the mask. It was as surprising as learning that the first Rambo movie (First Blood) didn't take place in a jungle somewhere. It's interesting that these older movie franchises became huge but it was the imagery that the sequels brought to the table that became the face of their brands (no pun intended). Anyway, it was pretty good. I wasn't terrified (like I maybe would have been 15 years ago if I'd seen it then) and it was simplistic, but I was still engaged and surprised by the outcome. Movies back then didn't have formulas nailed down and people just did whatever they felt like and it worked, which really speaks to their talents as writers/directors. I mean, a movie like that wouldn't make much sense today. That first girl who was hitchhiking in the beginning, it wouldn't have made sense to kill her off that early in a movie today. Or the jealous kid. They'd want to expand the motivations of the characters so that you feel more when something happens to them or something. Back then it was just: this is the jealous guy. And now he's dead. This is the butch guy and his girlfriend. And now they're dead. There's something charming and refreshing about that. I mean, I'm all for a well-crafted well-presented story, but sometimes just getting to the point is a good thing and something we're missing in movies now. I was also surprised by how little swearing was in it. Also refreshing. You can be scary and adult without dropping f bombs everywhere just because it's rated R.
  5. 2D Metroid is wonderful and classic and the basis of all that made Metroid great, but Prime was an EXCELLENT transition from that formula to 3D first person perspective. Especially the first one. The second was good, the third one was meh. The first was amazing and my favourite. Hope they bring it back again in 4 with Chozo and all that. Honestly, I wasn't that blown away with Samus Returns. I didn't recognize anything (it's supposed to be a remake of Return of Samus) but it is nice to see it in 2D again, even though it looks like it's getting the Other M treatment mechanic-wise.
  7. George disavowed midichlorians. I remember a quote from him saying something along the lines of "Maybe Qui-Gon was wrong." Bane was definitely George's idea, though.
  8. Yeah, but that doesn't canonize anything in the Darth Bane trilogy other than him creating the Rule of Two. Darth Bane was actually George's idea from the beginning when he first wrote TPM, wasn't it?
  9. Basically, you can order NFC tags in sticker, card, or keychain form (NTAG215 format), then install the Android app TagMo (make sure your Android has NFC capabilities, all recent ones do) to write to the tags. Each tag can only be written once. edited to conform more closely to forum rules. everything I've just said is perfectly legal.
  10. I ordered some NFC tag stickers from Tagstand and imprinted them with Nintendo Amiibo information (with my Android phone) so I don't have to pay through the nose and hunt until I'm an old man to collect all the actual figurines. Now I can get all the extra goodies in Breath of the Wild that the Zelda figures provide :). I'm going to eventually design my own graphics for cards and stick the stickers on them and carry them around in my Switch case. Fantastic! Not bad for a buck each for an amiibo instead of $20 or however much they are. I still need to get stickers for the actual BOTW Amiibos but they don't have any exclusive content (like themed tunics and weapons and stuff) so it's not a big deal right now. I've already gotten the Sword of the Goddess from Skyward Sword and the Hero's Shield from Wind Waker. Really want those Twilight Princess tunic, though!
  11. Lol I remember that. Fantastic audiobooks, the Darth Bane Trilogy.
  12. No. In the past Marc has done other Legends Star Wars audiobooks that feature Thrawn (the Thrawn Trilogy and Hand of Thrawn Duology) and since there was no standard to imitate, he made his own while working closely with the author (Zahn). He used it for every audiobook until Disney announced Thrawn as a new canon character in Star Wars Rebels. Lars Mikkleson was the voice on the show and so Disney forced him to imitate Lars' performance for the new canon Thrawn audiobook instead of using the old Thrawn voice he came up with himself for earlier Legends audiobooks.
  13. I just finished Thrawn a few days ago. Fantastic book. Thrawn's character, motivations, history and people are all very consistent with Legends so far. Interesting surprise at the end too. I then decided to listen to the audiobook because Marc Thompson is the king of Star Wars audiobook narration and also narrated the Thrawn Trilogy. Loved his Thrawn voice, a deep baritone brit performance. But apparently Disney forced him to do an impression of Lars Mikkleson's performance on Rebels instead. :'( Sooooo inferior. Gotta give it to Marc, though, he did beg and appeal to Disney to try to convince them that there's room for different interpretations. But now that Thrawn has been immortalized as Lars' rendition on Rebels that's what "most people" would expect to recognize. Marc himself should have been Thrawn on Rebels really if there was any chance. But Lars' voice DOES match Rebel's design of his character. He was just less recognizable in Rebels to me than he was in Zahn's books. And it's just a shame that the very recognizable Thrawn in this new book doesn't have the old recognizable voice.
  14. No one said anything about your sister and I'm sure it's obvious nobody meant ABSOLUTELY ALL OF DEVIANT ART. That's a big place with plenty of artists that have nothing to do with Sonic.
  15. Neither was I. Must be all the furries.