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  1. The New™ Nintendo™ Thread™

    32:32........32:32..........32:32.........32:32!! 32:32!!!!!
  2. The New™ Nintendo™ Thread™

    This is why I will never fully trust digital distribution services. At least GOG has it right. They allow you to download your games even after they can't sell them anymore.
  3. Sam & Max does not belong to Telltale. They got a license from Steve Purcell (the creator of Sam & Max) to make those 3 seasons. They do not own Sam & Max, though. I wouldn't imagine DoubleFine making a Hit The Road remaster would be any more of an issue than Grim, DOTT, and Throttle were, but thus far DF has only done remasters of LA games that Tim was a project lead on. He didn't have a hand in Sam & Max. For that matter, The Dig is another one that could possibly do with a facelift. Or Loom. It's just a matter of if they want to or not. Would be neat. However, they'll have to put a bit more work into the art this time than they did with Full Throttle Remastered. That was really disappointing. The animations and sprites were fantastic, of course, but the backgrounds were basically upscaled renditions of the originals with slight cosmetic tweaks here and there. I don't want the same thing to happen to Hit The Road or any other LA games.
  4. The creators of the Game of Thrones tv series are getting their own Star Wars movies (separate from the Skywalker saga, much like Rian Johnson's new trilogy).
  5. On the whole, the teaser looks the same as every other Star Wars trailer for the past 4 years. It doesn't look like the posters vibe at all. It's hard to believe they're both for the same film.
  6. That guy is not Han Solo. Period. Lando, on the other hand, looks fantastic. It just hit me today that this movie is essentially a giant "Han shot last". Han Solo is supposed to be a ruthless scoundrel selfish smuggler who looks out for nobody but himself. He meets friends and becomes a hero. That's his OT arc. Making Han shoot last instead of first undermined that character arc which is why people made such a ruckus when that was changed in the SE. Now we're getting an entire film about Han that takes place before ANH which will undoubtedly and unavoidably portray Han in a heroic light. Something he's not supposed to do until ANH. However, despite this I can still enjoy it if it's made well. But I'm certainly not watching for the backstory or to see Han. Just for the extra lore and interesting locations/cinematography. Also, why could the film look more like the posters? The posters present this almost 60's sci-fi/70s western kind of vibe with the bright colours and stuff. Yet the trailer is yet another gritty stark contrasting light look that we've already had 3 times in a row. It'd be nice to have a change of atmosphere and vibe.
  7. I finished the new fifth episode Alien World Tour from the latest rendition of Duke Nukem 3D on Steam. Gearbox got the original level designer Richard "Levelord" Grey and original composer Lee Jackson back to work on it. Lee remastered the original soundtrack and also wrote new tracks for the new episode. JSJ also rerecorded all the original Duke lines and recorded new ones. I wish it were longer. It's a great series of new maps that really feels like it could have been released soon after the original release and the Atomic Edition. I really like the new enemy as well the Firefly. The new endgame boss was terrible, though. They also updated the renderer (in a way similar to EDuke32's Polymer renderer) with dynamic lights and normal mapped textures. Overall a far better experience than Duke Nukem Forever. Far more authentic to Duke's character as well. I think my favourite level is probably the Egyptian Pyramid level, though I wish that there was more to explore inside. Overall score 8/10. Also, interestingly World Tour has been pulled form Steam for some odd reason. Someone on Twitter cited something about DMCA and Gearbox said they're "working on it". No idea what's going on with it. Glad I bought it at Christmas. This digital distribution thing can be dicey many times.
  8. This is awesome.
  9. The New™ Nintendo™ Thread™

    As Arlo would say, Nintendo truly are the "Kings of Left Field".
  10. What are you playing?

    Bought Turok 2 on sale. I had immense fun with Turok 1 when I bought it last Christmas. I hadn't played much of the original on the N64 but really enjoyed when I played it through a year ago. I had played much more of Turok 2 on the N64 before it, my console, and my other games were outright stolen. So good to revisit it. I never actually got farther than the Port of Adia without cheating to get to the end boss to see what it looked like. I don't remember much of that, but I'm really appreciating how non-linear (despite the level layouts) and in-depth the game design is. Reminds me of Hexen. Both Turok games are wonderful. I don't remember Turok 3 being anywhere near as good at all, from the little bit I tried on the N64. And Rage Wars, well.....I hated multiplayer only games at the time that weren't called Counter-Strike, so there's that. Never played Turok Evolution or the reboot for the 360 (which looked stupid and lost all of the interesting lore of the original...much like Prey). It'd be really neat if classic Turok got a new sequel in the style of the two originals. Also grabbed Duke3D World Tour (mostly for Lee Jackson's new music rerecordings), Full Throttle Remastered, ESO Morrowind chapter + 4 earlier DLC (Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieve's Guild, and Dark Brotherhood), and No Man's Sky...because it was on a big discount and people are saying it's better now. Curiosity finally got the better of me. I haven't tried it yet because my data cap is trash so I have to download it at work, which I don't go back to until the 8th, so still a bit of time to refund it if need be. If I do refund it I'll get Starbound instead. I would have gotten it as well but it's not on as big a sale and it's cheaper than NMS anyway. NMS was the bigger deal. Plus, as I said, still time to refund. Even when Starbound goes back to full price it's still cheaper than what NMS was on sale.
  11. This is the best Twitter thread ever. I needed that laugh.
  12. Here's a fan-freaking-tastic spoiler-filled video by a guy on YouTube. It's an hour long but man does he make excellent points. This guy gets it.
  13. I think exactly this is the reason it's getting hammered on RT by audiences. It's a lot of butthurt fans who were agonizing over convoluted fan theories for two years that feel betrayed. I wasn't around back then, but someone else told me that ESB did the same thing and it was met with much the same criticism when it first came out. Then ROTJ came out and a lot of people considered it "worse" which bounced ESB up a few notches. And here we are today with a majority opinion ranking ESB the highest (I'm not in that group). But back to my point, I'm seeing countless people online saying that they didn't like it upon their first viewing, but on their second viewing they appreciated it a lot more for what it was and ended up really enjoying it. Just gotta get over that hurdle. I think the split controversy at the moment is a good thing. That means it's something everyone cares about. Negative publicity is good publicity and all that. I think in the long run most will end up liking it much like ESB.