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  1. Last Movie you watched...

    Logan was very good. 8/10
  2. BTTF is a terrible adventure game. Its only saving grace is the story which is great and was written in consultation with and received blessing by Bob Gale. That's the only reason I care. I care nothing for Telltale or anything they make otherwise. And if they actually made a BTTF2 game and it had the annoying timed dialogue choice sequences everywhere, I wouldn't play it. I recently gave a copy of Minecraft Story Mode a go on the Wii U and I couldn't believe it when I saw those same dialogue sequences there. What does that have to do with Minecraft?? Is that really what kids are looking for in a Minecraft Story Mode? That Story Mode title carries a lot of weight and is quite misleading. It makes it sound like Minecraft's gameplay but with story. But this is just another post-TMI Telltale game with Minecraft window dressing. It should just be called Minecraft: A Telltale Series like the rest of them. Alright I'm done now. Exiting thread.
  3. You'd need a way to get at the speech files themselves. And PCs won't read console discs like that AFAIK.
  4. Reading up more on this, they toted the rerelease as a remaster. The copies they offer for download on PC aren't the remaster. With TOMI it was just a matter of swapping voice files, this is probably a whole different ball game being a brand new version of the game. Screw Telltale.
  5. What the heck! I just randomly found out that for the 30th anniversary Telltale rereleased the BTTF game on consoles with newly recorded Tom Wilson voices?? Is this available on PC as well? Please don't tell me no....I already despise Telltale enough as it is.
  6. What are you playing?

    Is that the Tunic of the Wild or the Tunic of the Hero?
  7. Cool Games that are Coming Out

    Mick Gordon is the man. I did like what I heard of the soundtrack.
  8. What are you playing?

    Anyone played Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas yet? It bears a lot of similarities to various aspects of the Zelda series (most notably, a similar art style to and concept approach as Wind Waker) except it's not as grand in scope and not as difficult. I've been considering grabbing it for my Switch.
  9. Last Movie you watched...

    Twister Bought it for $8 on Bluray. Watched it for the first time in years since our old full screen VHS copy. Screw the haters, I still like this movie. Movie-science notwithstanding.
  10. Last Movie you watched...

    I really liked Godzilla 98 as a kid. But I was never a Godzilla fan before that.
  11. What are you playing?

    I started a game years back and played it for a few months or so and then just stopped. Never felt the urge to go back. Someday I will. I mean, I own the game and I mean to beat every game I own at some point.
  12. The New™ Nintendo™ Thread™

    What I'll be picking up: Skyrim Minecraft Hawaii: Shakedown I picked up Binding of Isaac while I was in Texas and got the original release cover art (which is reversible!) unlike my sister who got the newer repackaged release. I also get Isaac stickers which don't come with the new repacked release! Isaac, btw, is as fun as ever on the go. Managed to beat mom and unlock the Cellar & Catacombs levels and a few new bosses and items as well. Nothing else looks interesting atm that I'd want to have. Retro City Rampage is getting a surprise Switch release, I don't think that's much of a surprise, though. I may pick that up as well for a fun little distraction sometimes. I finally got Super Smash Bros Wii U and Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U for my family to play with (my Switch is off limits unless I'm around. I take it with me everyday to work). Having problems launching either of them though because it demands a new system update for the Wii U which just came out this month apparently and won't let me play them until I update. Thing is, I can't update or I lose my homebrew. So I'll have to wait a bit...really anxious to try SSB out, though.
  13. The New™ Nintendo™ Thread™

    Ruta is the Zora Divine Beast.
  14. The New™ Nintendo™ Thread™

    BOTW is not my favourite. That spot is reserved for Twilight Princess which was just such a satisfying 3D Zelda experience in the perfect spirit of the classic formula with an epic story to boot. BOTW I do love very much, however. So I think for now I'll place it comfortably in 2nd place. I've beated all the divine beasts and now I'm just hunting for all the shrines. I don't really need to get them all but I want that tunic. It's not even my favourite, I just want to collect them all. I also want to upgrade my Twilight Tunic set to full power but I need tons of topaz and star fragments and that will take time. So I've been using the Hero's Path feature on the map to find where I haven't been and so far I've discovered a couple new shrines already. Very handy feature! And I'm no where near 200 hours of playtime so I'm in no danger of losing the beginning of my progress in the game. The Hero's Path playback feature is really fun to watch and see where you've walked in real time (or sped up) right from the beginning!
  15. What are you playing?

    Well, shouldn't there be some novelty to a multiplayer experience? It's a multiplayer game by definition. I can't really blame them. That said, it DOES have a great single player experience IMO.