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  1. After the awesome DFA and first 2 AF doccos, I just hand over my money and hope for the best. I'm sad that that Psychonauts 2 seems to effectively have no coverage. I wasn't hoping for another DFA-like experience, but 2 videos in a year and a half is not what I thought I was signing up for. It's hard to promote these campaigns to friends now - "Sign up - there might be some completely awesome 2PP coverage like before! Or not. I'm not sure..."
  2. +1. I suppose a celeb is good marketing, but I prefer the focus on the DF crew and their journey
  3. It felt like the answer to this question was "yes" while you were still working on it, but just to be explicit - is all that content on the DVD versions too? Sorry for the dumb question.
  4. Oh, Zoidberg, at last you're becoming a crafty consumer!
  5. Good comment from Justin. Financial markets professional here - 90% of the rest of the comments in that thread are waffle written by people who don't understand investing, stock options or SEC regulations. The problem FIG faces seems to me to be a similar problem that banks face when selling fancy investment options to mums and dads (nonvanilla warrants, bonds with index-linked barriers...) - by and large, your target market doesn't understand exactly what you're trying to sell to them.
  6. That's actually quite scary. Since the reservation option for unaccredited investors comes with no obligations, I would estimate the amount of people from that pool that end up investing at maybe 10-30%
  7. The thing that worries me is the budget meaning all/most of Doublefine working on this (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/17557/#397281). Bit of a concentrated risk (though if you were going to bet everything on one game, maybe this is the one to do it on)
  8. Backed, just for the 2PP videos Not sure my computer can even play the game Maybe by the time it comes out.
  9. Really hard for anyone not in the US to invest though. Even for people in the US, most will be waiting on what sounds like a ruling from the SEC allowing participation from Unaccredited Investors (most people) they are expecting in 2016. I was considering it before realising that the cost of sorting out all the international tax uncertainty would dwarf any expected dividends from a small stake.
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