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  1. So by buying into Amnesia Fortnight, I believe we get to see footage and things. If I'm wrong, my apologies but if not, how can we access them?
  2. Wait, I made a post Tim commented on? I've made it. No but seriously, let's keep this post alive and keep sending in pictures.
  3. GamePad only mode would have been a nice luxury but it doesn't stop the game from being awesome so no worries. I'm excited to see future DF projects use the gamepad though!
  4. Thanks! There are some really great original drawings in the community. Too bad we have to wait for the Miiverse browser/app or it'd be a lot easier to share them. Btw I meant "Yeahs" obviously, haha. We should make a Wii U drawing thread for the Cave, as well as all the other games Double Fine will put on the Wii U, rightttttt?? *nudge nudge*
  5. Beautiful! I wonder how many "years" mine got. Haha.
  6. You said on Live? If Xbox is cool, I'm BobaFettOnMoped.
  7. What system are you playing on? I'd play with someone if they were on my friends list.
  8. Sorry if it's a bit sloppy. Anyways, thanks for the great game Double Fine! Oh and I have to concur with the other folks, the ability to play on just the gamepad would be very nifty.
  9. I'm still browsing but I have to say that the video that went along with the pitch was just brilliant!
  10. Making video games at one of the coolest places on earth, with the coolest game developers ever? I'd think so.
  11. Granted this is a very bland way to go about this, but I'm mainly looking for information right now. I'll go all grand about this once I know what I'm dealing with.
  12. Which is why I would like to know what experience you would need to get into an entry level position. Also what sort of schooling would be needed. I have seen the job listings and would not mind going to school for those, but I'm just seeing what else there is. This may be a silly notion but all I've ever wanted to do was help make great games that actually has a lot of thought go into them and the first name that pops into my head when it comes to that is Double Fine.
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