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  1. Those are my favourite spots as well. But seriously, counting all the roof/silo tops and ledges, you guys dont have enough spots for snipers? Really?! And how about the trees? Another good mortar spot I like to use is the spot on the left side of the ramp coming from below the bridge which knobs and burst transmitters will not be able to hit if you placed it correctly (between the water and the top of the slope). My only gripe with mortars is basically the short range. Couldve been a lot better if they had a little more range (so I can literally place them all over the top of the boundary wall in Settlement )
  2. Seriously. Those spots are meant for cluster mortars (including the hill and slopes), snipers are just wasteful since you already got them all firing from the direction of the power plant...
  3. Weakness of Piercing sniper turrets: small quick tubes in large numbers. At the moment: Knobs go for turrets - do little damage to trench/base. Solution: build turrets on "higher" ground. Cathodes go for trenches - doesnt do damage to anything else. Solution: take it like a man and get someone to repair you. We need something small that has only one purpose: to kill itself ramming into bases. And considerable damage it MUST do. That way we will actually see players hurry to take those small little pesky things down... right now most players dont even give a damn to knobs/cathies and its sad IMO for the tube designer...because nobody gives a damn about it.
  4. Mines are okay but boring(shock is the only way to go IMO). They are only good because Jacobs can step on them. But you need a dampener for that to happen if they arent alone... On the otherhand, the Cluster Mortar is so much more fun (and pretty too) IMO and with the Camo shotgun emplacements = me happy... especially on my honeychurch + MML setup (me being the one to constantly go for the VD) I can even leave the conduit across the bridge in swamp totally alone once I have them setup properly (the dampener right under the conduit being the one that constantly bugs out the Jacobs and amps etc while getting bombarded)... it still works but in a much more fun kinda way...
  5. It wasnt that hard to figure the carpet bomber out but that isnt the point. Look at swamp. How much time do you have before the horde spawns from across the bridge to the ship itself? How many rounds will you be able to pull off? How much damage can it do during this time? Will it kill the Jacobs? I think you already got the answer...
  6. Gawd.. thats...very... tempting... wait you can play using a steering wheel on the 360 too
  7. Well, I do run with Woodruff and 4 perfs with sprint+ legs occasionally. Its actually pretty fun (other than looking cool like some X-wing thingy)
  8. In my 10 years of IB service, Ive seen Amplifiers, Berthas, Willies, Jacobs and even Burst Transmitters fly but this... this is undisputedly the scariest thing Ive seen. There I was securing the spawn across the bridge on Swamp with a dampener and cluster mortars... when an Amplifier froze right as it came out and the Jacobs that followed out started stacking up, struggling to stay behind the thing. "Perfect!" I thought as I moved closer to pound them with my MML rounds while the cluster mortars did their thing bombarding the horde. Then it happened. A wave of Cathodes burst out suddenly behind the Amp and Jacobs, gliding through the air in a zigzag pattern like aerial tubes right before my very eyes. "F**k flying Cathys!!" I screamed like a child and shot my rounds in all directions desperately trying to kill some of them... cursing at intel failing to mention that Cathodes can actually fly before the mission. If it werent for the 2 fully upgraded laser turrets on the bridge from that kind Japanese guy in our team I wouldnt have lived with a sliver of health to tell this story... Anything can happen on Mars.
  9. Razor of the Gods, Perferator, Ripper Hole puncher, Blastasaurus Rex, Numero 6 Hmm I wouldnt call this setup nooby
  10. Actually thats the thing with some simple setups as well eg. the 6 shotguns - I find the firing rhythm very awkward. Its still mainly a boss fight setup for me because Karlson's are really slow to run up to target those Jacobs at the back where weapons like the MML lets you aim "over"/"behind" the horde so it will automatically hit the Jacobs at the back. Anyway I really like the burst rifle but its hard to find something good that will flow well with it. If only they had a burst or higher damage autofire shotgun. Really wished it isnt Slug (single target) as well when its auto.
  11. I personally use the 2 MML 2 Hole Puncher setup a lot. Although I use it with sprint legs quite a bit, on swamp they could be used with fortify/quickload legs and just sit on the elevated platform beside the bridge (overlooking the far right tube spawn) and just spam grenades indefinitely... just aim higher and let the homing clusters do the work. This weapon combo is the easiest to send Amps,Willies and Berthas "flying" high up into the sky... Other "fun" setups I like to use: All situation assault MML + hole puncher on left Albert + perforator on right Grenade launcher, shotgun, sniper rifle, machine gun. Good for all sorts of tubes in all ranges. "Homer" Mr Pancake Boomerang 2 Heavy artillery. For "homing missile" fans. I luv piercings 2 alberts 2 perforators For all your piercing needs. I like to movit movit Explosive barrel thrower MML + Hole puncher Hurling barrels to push them back, while MML and hole puncher makes 'em fly in the direction of choice! (direction of homing cluster/explosion decides direction of movement) Best for large tubes (Amps, Berthas, Willies) Real shocker Shock Cannon on right Super shocker(shock grenade launcher) + Hirsch Fusor (shock shotgun) on left What a shock! Hole Punchers! 6 Hole punchers Just because...
  12. Yeah the path towards the West spawn (left of green base) has this area you can go up to the top and place stuff there... wished they had more spots like that.
  13. I would like more statistics as well. Including "no. of turrets destroyed." I swear some people just lay turrets anyhow, wasting scrap and this helps to identify them...
  14. Other than what others have already said. Im even willing to pay a monthly subscription for this game. Ive seen most of Doublefine games but IB is the only one I really like (sorry no offense). Its like the only thing I turn on my XBox 360 for these days. (I have tons of collector edition games I dont even touch!) Pls for the love of god give us more! More Trench and marine customization that are just for looks please! ( I want face paint!)
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