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    Siberia, Russia
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    Ex-"TV guy", self-employed
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    Romson is a 33-year-old ex-"TV guy" with 11 years of professional experience: producer, editor, broadcast designer, animator (a bit). Documentary, news, advertising, music video etc. He lives in Siberia, home to mosquitoes and bears. Mosquitoes (siberians call them "ko-ma-ry") are the size of a small bird, bears is two colors: brown bears in summer, polar bears in winter. The air temperature drops in winter to -53°C, in summer rise up to 40°C. And much of that is truth. Sad but true.
  1. Romson

    Please, help me!

    Wow, that's awesome! "Insert quick picture of Paul with text: “Actually it was my idea.”" - I beg your pardon, but who exactly is Paul? Crew member from off camera?
  2. Romson

    Please, help me!

    Conrad, it would be great!
  3. Romson

    Please, help me!

    Yes, could you publish it or send to my e-mail, please? I have translated key points of Tim's speech, but there were some nuances that are difficult to take by ear. English transcript is exactly what I need.
  4. Can anyone give me a printout of wonderfull video Tim Shafer's "Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-pSteVDn78s I'm trying to translate it into Russian, but since I'm not a professional translator, it is quite hard for me. Well, I caught a lot of of pieces, but part of what has been said by Tim escapes. Thanks a lot!
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