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  1. Another Deponia key here. It's a really great game, not perfect but I love its world. Usual rules applied.
  2. Hi guys! I just watched the last Greg Miller's Up at Noon and Tim Schafer was there talking about Broken Age. I don't know if it's been posted on the forums since I couldn't find it. You can watch it here: http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/01/27/wolf-among-us-clip-broken-ages-tim-schafer-sits-up-at-noon
  3. I really LOVED the sountrack so much, it was the best thing in the game for me. I began to play with Vella and just didn't want to wake her up. I just stayed hearing the music and the dialog from Vella's sister. Amazing.
  4. There's an error in a dialogue between Shay and Marek. Shay says "How long have you been living here?" but in spanish the subject was in plural "¿Cuánto tiempo habéis estado viviendo aquí?" instead of "¿Cuánto tiempo has estado viviendo aquí?". Also, when you look at a Space Chart, the subtitles appear behind the chart, so it's not possible to read them.
  5. Just one day, I can't wait! I originally wanted to wait until part 2... but I'm going to play it as soon as I can!
  6. I have a key for the Amnesia Fortnight Prototypes, so if you want to try them, just send me a PM. EDIT: I'm not going to ask for 50 posts because I don't have them myself but recently created accounts with zero posts... nope. EDIT 2: And it's gone to SHODANFreeman.
  7. Another To the Moon key here! EDIT: And it's gone... to the moon.
  8. Can't wait! I just watched the last Episode again and oh my, the music sounds REALLY AWESOME. As I said, can't wait!
  9. I have a couple of one Humble Bundle code for you, ho ho ho! These are the games they have: Humble Indie Bundle 1: Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, Penumbra Overture, Samorost 2, World of Goo Humble Indie Bundle 2: Braid, Machinarium, Osmos, Revenge of the Titans Just PM me EDIT: All gone! Happy Holidays!
  10. You mean Tim playing Grim Fandango... in a theater? With costumes? I definitely want to see that.
  11. Hi! I'd like to help reviewing the spanish subtitles (although all the work is probably done!). My Amara user is "nomecopies".
  12. Voted The Last Express because... it's a GREAT game, damn it!
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