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  1. Ah, of course, I remember the "overhead" from uploading photos & videos in some of the funlabs stuff. Far from a seamless process. I assume there are certain MS guidelines/steps that have to be taken when it comes to uploading photos to kinectshare, for somewhat understandable reasons. Thank you for the reply Tim, I really appreciate it.
  2. Hey Guys, Big Double Fine fan, and at my girlfriend's party, I whipped the game out, immediately bought it and everyone there had a great time with it. Particular fun was had with the clone-yourself depth photos mini-game (20+ year olds tend to make certain kinds of photos - hilarious ones). But we couldn't seem to save the photos or export them, like you can with Dance Central 2 or some other Microsoft published Kinect games. Why not? Will this patched? It's a big debbie downer on an otherwise great product.
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