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  1. Wonderful back story! Thanks for the inspirational video Anna. I always get excited to see the different ways people get into the industry.
  2. Yes, I admit it, I'm in it for the design secrets. To see Tim's mind at work. But also, this is probably a first good real account that we can see a team of developers at work! Moar team interviews please.
  3. I may agree to keep private. Working with clients on tight projects before makes me wonder what they do on their end. As being a little similar, to think that we are now kinda on the other end where publishers sat is a little scary. As a developer, I've noticed that having (as stated before) too many cooks in the kitchen (even too much input) can cause a lot of slow down and drawn out unnecessary work and worry-to-impress. Even a small donation would have given you access to these forums and I would like to see input with the fine folks who really wanted to help make this game happen.
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