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  1. Admit it, Julica. You just bought the xbox one for the future upgrade to minecraft
  2. We won't continue this on live because you're still crackalackn in the stone age.
  3. Convenience. I'm already paying for xbox live. All my friends have xbox. No point switching.
  4. Nothing stats-wise. Just the graphics, player-count and map sizes.
  5. That was since I got it on the 360...then upgraded to the one. I don't play THAT much.
  6. Not sure what my hours look like daily, but so far I've put 160 hours in to BF4
  7. It's pretty slick. BF4 is the only game I'm playing though. The 64 person multiplayer is insane. A few bugs here and there, but nothing a few patches won't fix in the future. No hardware issues so far.
  8. I don't know what "triangle pattern" you're talking, but the two dampeners in the screenshot are more than enough to cover the bridge and both paths below. Anything beyond that is redundant...and just takes room that can be used for emplacements.
  9. There's only 5-6 spots you need dampeners on swamp. Two on each end of the bridge (pictured in screenshot below), one on the side of the conduit ramp leading towards the bridge, one on the inside of the bend leading up to blue, and one at each base. Anything beyond that is superfluous. This setup is pretty much as efficient as you can get dampener-wise. None of them overlap, and if you place them juuuuuust right, their footprint doesn't interfere with any other emplacements. Also, the only dampener that ever gets hit by burst transmitters is the one at the end of the bridge closest to the green base (the right dampener in the screenshot).
  10. The woodruff is a pretty well rounded trench. For settlement you could double up on sniper rifles and you should be fine. Definitely watch confury's videos on youtube though (linked earlier in the thread). They're a great example of what to do and when to do it.
  11. Anti Volt Dropper weapons (from most awesome to most sucking) Ironclad Sniper > Piercing Sniper > Almost any other kind of Sniper > Ironclad Flak > Laser Emplacement > Lt. Archie Flak
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