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  1. Admit it, Julica. You just bought the xbox one for the future upgrade to minecraft
  2. We won't continue this on live because you're still crackalackn in the stone age.
  3. Convenience. I'm already paying for xbox live. All my friends have xbox. No point switching.
  4. Nothing stats-wise. Just the graphics, player-count and map sizes.
  5. That was since I got it on the 360...then upgraded to the one. I don't play THAT much.
  6. Not sure what my hours look like daily, but so far I've put 160 hours in to BF4
  7. It's pretty slick. BF4 is the only game I'm playing though. The 64 person multiplayer is insane. A few bugs here and there, but nothing a few patches won't fix in the future. No hardware issues so far.
  8. I don't know what "triangle pattern" you're talking, but the two dampeners in the screenshot are more than enough to cover the bridge and both paths below. Anything beyond that is redundant...and just takes room that can be used for emplacements.
  9. There's only 5-6 spots you need dampeners on swamp. Two on each end of the bridge (pictured in screenshot below), one on the side of the conduit ramp leading towards the bridge, one on the inside of the bend leading up to blue, and one at each base. Anything beyond that is superfluous. This setup is pretty much as efficient as you can get dampener-wise. None of them overlap, and if you place them juuuuuust right, their footprint doesn't interfere with any other emplacements. Also, the only dampener that ever gets hit by burst transmitters is the one at the end of the bridge closest to the green base (the right dampener in the screenshot).
  10. The woodruff is a pretty well rounded trench. For settlement you could double up on sniper rifles and you should be fine. Definitely watch confury's videos on youtube though (linked earlier in the thread). They're a great example of what to do and when to do it.
  11. Anti Volt Dropper weapons (from most awesome to most sucking) Ironclad Sniper > Piercing Sniper > Almost any other kind of Sniper > Ironclad Flak > Laser Emplacement > Lt. Archie Flak
  12. Shopping Checklist [ ] Honeychurch V [ ] Two Muerta Fiestas (I think you get them by reaching wave 5 on Settlement?...could be wrong) [ ] Speedy Biped Legs [ ] Pierce Sniper Emplacement [ ] Super Shredder Machine Gun Emplacement [ ] Dampener III [ ] Impeccable Collector This setup is unquestionably the best possible solo setup in Iron Brigade. It gives you maximum possible engineer trench damage, air defense, jacob defense, knob defense, the ability to slow tubes when necessary, extra scrap generation, and the ability to collect that scrap. Instead of just grinding hospital or trying to finish the game, focus on completing this checklist. Odds are, you'll level up enough and beat the game in the process. For the campaign, don't rely very heavily on emplacements. Build them where necessary, but really focus on remembering wave patterns make a habit out of shooting everything you can with your trench weapons. The emplacements should supplement your defense, but you should focus on trying to do most of the damage yourself. For survival, you should do the opposite. Focus on killing things with your trench for the first 5-10 waves (while scattering a few emplacements here and there), but then you really need to focus on emplacements from then on until you reach wave 100.
  13. Damage per second per slot. Basically, it's the calculated DPS of a weapon if it were to theoretically occupy only a single weapon slot on the trench. It's the only way we've come up with in the past to compare the DPS of 1, 2, and 3-slot weapons. While it's true that the Fiesta and Albert look like they almost do the same damage numerically, you have to factor in that the Albert takes up two weapon slots in comparison to the Fiesta. So in order to compare the two, you have to either divide the overall DPS of the Albert by two, or multiply the DPS of the Fiesta by two. But, in order to get the actual DPS of each weapon in the first place, you have to time an entire clip cycle for each weapon. A clip cycle being the time it takes between firing the first bullet until the time it takes to finish reloading. And as you mentioned, the Albert has a longer firing rate and reload time vs. the Fiesta, which is a huge factor in the DPS. If you haven't already checked it out, I posted a thread a while back (linked after this paragraph) that covered major DPS comparisons between the various weapons. Included in the thread is a spreadsheet comparing the more popular weapons and how they rank damage wise. The Fiesta has a DPS per slot of ~88.76 and the Albert has a DPS per slot of ~33.96. Which is pretty much the same as saying two Fiestas deal 177.52 DPS, and one Albert does 67.92 DPS. http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/5971/
  14. I'm gonna bet heavily that the winning factor was due to the wave patterns and not the use of an Albert. That's not to say that using a particular wave pattern isn't legit...because we did the same thing when we beat Settlement 100%. There's probably no need explaining that the Fiestas have more than DOUBLE the DPS per slot (88 vs. 33) and have more than enough range to follow the Volt Dropper as it circles Hospital. The Albert is incredibly sub-optimal on a Honeychurch...even if the player can somehow average 2 hits per shot.
  15. Honeychurch would never work solo....shredders AND archies is mandatory. Its why I solo with the selker I. Aside from the armor deficiency, it freakin' rules! Hospital is almost as frustrating as settlement when solo b/c of the friggin' snipe tuters w/ jakobs waves....on swamp I tend to lose large chunks of base health on blitzer waves if I don't pay attention whilst building.....maybe I should do patches of mines at the spawns and the bases before filling in the middles???? I abandon mission if the first vault dropper or first arty gets a shot off too. 2 shredders at the corners where you cut up to long path by the bridge and 1 dampener on bridge column closest to green...lead the blitzers in circles around the shredders, hide under the bridge so the noids get shredded....if done right, you can build 1 fully upgraded archie and an archie upgraded once by green before first vault comes out. I also notice more lately that when I upgrade that first dampener a lot of times it seems to cancel out down below, but still seems effective on top of the bridge....WTF!? Does anyone ever put it more towards the middle or end of the support column as opposed to the corner (or slightly to the right of the corner itself, if ya wanna get finicky about it)? I think the d-g on the right side may touch fields w/ the one closest to green. Also...the li'l tree by the front of the bridge...you can build a d-g there and it works pretty good and it gives you a sliver more space on the bridge to build on the left edge of it where shredders go...idk if anyone else does that when they goof around...I just think its funny. Edit: I was meaning in this that a honeychurch would never work solo in swamp...I did beat hospital solo w/ a honey. I spent a week working on it. Tip: shredders go before collectors by snipe spawns, so they can reach the snipes better. How many times did you get the Volt Dropper/Snipe Tuners with Jacobs/Blitzers with Jacobs wave? I've been to 96 with the Honeychurch solo with almost 75% base health using Lasers and Ironclad Flak, but that volt dropper wave beat the hell out of me every time I hit the 90's...hence the skepticism...and lack of interest in ever trying to complete it. If you used only mines and super shredders (substantially less effective vs. the Volt Dropper than the Ironclad Flak and Lasers combo...both in Range and DPS), I'm struggling to see how you could possibly take down the late game Volt Droppers unless you managed to avoid that wave type altogether...which is possible, I suppose...I guess I never bothered learning the wave patterns on hospital. When we beat hospital without any orange emplacements we ran into the same problem with the late game Volt Dropper/Snipe Tuner/Blitzer waves. If I recall correctly, that particular wave type usually happened around 3-4 times per game...and when it happened, it usually took a good 30% of our base health every time...which meant we always prayed it'd only happen 3 times at MOST. I'm still pretty skeptical. If you really did manage to pull it off, you must have gotten REALLY lucky with the waves thrown at you.
  16. I can see it being possible with the Selker I. You mentioned doing it in the honeychurch in the OP and that threw me off. Good stuff.
  17. A honeychurch with mines soloing hospital? Call me a skeptic. And yeah, a two man team is probably the optimal number for swamp without snipers...if it's possible.
  18. I discovered that it isn't just hospital anymore. After a couple games with randoms on swamp and settlement the other day, I found that sleep is just my body's way of telling me I can play this game with my eyes closed.
  19. Maybe without 100%. Without DLC weapons will be enough of a challenge as it is.
  20. We've always had a similar problem with Iron Brigade for Xbox...I don't think the memory leak (or whatever it is) is exclusive to GFWL or PC players. Our solution is usually to exit and restart the game every couple hours or so, otherwise the game will slow down over time and be more likely to disconnect with other players. I agree that scrap collecting seems to have some sort of affect on the slowing down the game.
  21. Jealous. Now that I think about it, I think my mic is broken too...
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