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  1. The man's a musical genius. Hearing the impromptu song he put into that Broken Age scene gave me chills.
  2. Wicked. Still need to beat Stacking. Be great to come back to that world again. Now all we need are some Iron Brigade cards...
  3. Whatever allows the game to remain as close to Tim's Vision as possible-- I'm all in, baby! Who's bringin' the peanut butter!?
  4. I'd like it long and hard. Maximum pleasure, please. Certainly longer than The Cave, and with more voice acting.
  5. Of course not. They wouldn't want all that attention.
  6. Brutal Legend wasn't boring. I don't think you even finished the game, OP.
  7. Vargas Prime‏@Jason_Gio @grumpygamer you sure? Steam is currently showing ~14 hours, which puts it roughly at 3-4am EST tomorrow. 2h Ron Gilbert‏@grumpygamer @Jason_Gio We're the ones that flip the switch, so that is just wrong. Read links more carefully. ... And a more recent update, Ron says that the game releases on Steam at 4PM PST, so 7PM EST.
  8. Guys, guys. It's coming today! Ol Ronnie Boy said on Twitter that he throws the Activation Switch, not Steam! He said the countdown is just plain wrong. Have no fear! Ron's in charge! He'll handle it
  9. This is really lame. Why the delay? PC users are forced to wait because console users are having problems? 'Cause that doesn't make sense, unless you've signed some sort of crappy deal with SEGA where the console versions get priority status. Oh well. Guess I'll just be reading and watching Slasher movies all day.
  10. Mars71128

    IGN Review

    Is that a review for the Wii version? I'm hoping the controls aren't actually crappy on PC. EDIT: No, looks like it's for 360
  11. I watched some interviews and Ron said that there will definitely be some easter eggs for the diehard fans to pick up on.
  12. I was replaying the entire Serious Sam series. I finished, so now I've been playing absolutely nothing, as I eagerly anticipate THE CAVE So how do I pass my time, you might ask? I've been reading, and listening to/playing music.
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