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  1. The wire part you will probably get the solution from the ship shay even makes a reference of it. The vella part thing of the food room and the trash robot and play around with that.
  2. Where are the hints for how to modify the map to escape the red hanger? Think I miss something with that star chart. Proferable I would like to have hints on how to solve it not the solution.
  3. Can someone give me any hint how to solve the rope untieing puzzle. Don't wanna have the all out sollution just something to help me further. currently I got the diagram but I can't seem to the right one and how to tell it to the dude how to untie.
  4. You probably don't notice it is because only the animation movement is 15 fps while the rest in the game is 60 fps. It's probably 15 fps because thats closer how the animations are created by the developer while at 60 fps a lot of the movement will need to be calculated and might look less good then it could be unless they would spend even more time on the animations. A lot of games have animation system locked at lower fps. Think animations are often locked in games at 30 fps while the rest of the game is 60 or higher.
  5. I'm sure they are not going to do an early beta again. That was so misused by the press and other things.
  6. The entire gamergate movement and everything I seen from it is just crap. Yes woman should be treated correctly but the entire gamergate is just a big flamefest that did nothing but make the gaming community even worse then before. And that is the biggest reason the entire gamergate movement should be joked and rediculed.
  7. It still does that even on sections smaller then just year jumps
  8. That's irrelevant. Any 32-bit OS limits the available RAM to less that 4GB. Besides, a game like this requiring 4GB of RAM is just poor optimization. Any computer with less then 4 GB is way too ready for replacement. It's time to drop 10 year old hardware. On windows 7 4GB is minimum recommendation doesn't matter what game the OS just needs that. You cannot run a stable win 7 and do about anything on that computer with less then that or you pc will be very slow because of paging.
  9. I don't need patches on my OS to be honest. Also Win 7 support continues to 2020. That's long enough for them to hopefully make a PC OS again. They failed to do that with 8 & now 10. If I hear the word "app" from them for a PC OS I am instantly disinterested. And XP was never really good it's unstable compared to windows 7 and misses a lot of features which make windows 7 a lot faster. Windows 10 is complete PC OS again a lot of the tablet stuff is removed from the default mode. And for games Windows 10 is gonna be really good when games are starting to support DX12 which will give a big performance boost.
  10. Just remember Win XP is completely dead. It doesn't get any security update anymore so any pc you have with XP you should not hang it on the internet or suspect big security riscs with anything you do. In my country even banks have said if you do internet banking and you use XP and money gets stolen from you banks wont return it because it's your problem.
  11. Yes. Through your Broken Age Humble Bundle page. (It rhymes! Ha!) Hmm not for me The 30 dollar kickstarter tier was the one you could get the download videos for.
  12. I wouldn't say GTA was mysognyst, but rather just incredibly purile. And that is the fun part about GTA if you don't like it dont play it. It's as simple as that.
  13. The biggest problem about that 200 makes everything feel too easy for you is the current unbalanced leveling booster building. They already said they where going to nerf it. Because they don't mean you to be level 9-10 yet at year 200 that's why all the battles are too easy.
  14. Maybe doing it as option random start group or that standard at the higher difficulty level.
  15. You need at least some crucibles I think it is those training centers with high level char in too boost the babies. And also the higher level your regents are the higher level the children will become. But at the moment the game has only 1 diffeculty and the game is challanging and there is a lot of ways you can shoot yourself.
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