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  1. I just came back to ask the same. Very very curious about the last episode. And I suspect it will promote something new and I wonder what that may be.
  2. Maybe it's not clearly specified. Apparently the table in the first post shows the last episode delivered in Summer. If the game is released on time in Spring and the next episode comes some time after it, I guess it could be Spring or Summer. Unless this is clearly stated somewhere? (I don't think the video states this either way except that the next episode will be after the game's release.)
  3. What crazy math are you doing? The next episode is released in the summer. Summer starts June 21.
  4. Dang, it'll be tough to wait for the next episode for for potentially 5 more months.
  5. How is this different than them being "in bed with" Apple or Android or Steam and giving a part of their profits to them? Did they ever promise that they won't do any more ports?
  6. Not enough explosions, car chases and sexposition. Seriously, pretty good episode. Thanks!
  7. The last one came out October 16 so hopefully in about 2 weeks, if they're back on the 2 month release schedule.
  8. I think most people are in the middle-ground. They put in their money based on what game and items they want and reasonably expect the promises to be delivered. But they also understand that there could be delays or other problems which can't be helped.
  9. I'm eagerly waiting for it too. Hopefully the next one will be back on the 2 month schedule.
  10. Thank you for the update. That "last musical note" must be pretty significant to turn a two-month update into a three-month update.
  11. The last project update was over a month ago as well. It's been very quiet and there's no response from any of the team.
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