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  1. I just got done making a teaser trailer for the last two episodes of my webseries, after having spent a long time upgrading the character models. Check it out!:
  2. Oh hey wait, in addition to the upper video I posted, I just finished THIS.
  3. I can model 3D objects in Lightwave and export them for others to work with in their game engine-- If you're using Blender, I can just save them as .lwo's which can be imported nativley, I can export them to .obj but it's a little unreliable. Latest thing I did is here. http://blip.tv/adaminator1/stick-figure-the-final-battle-episode-5-6559154 Though not representative of my current skill.
  4. Could try to make some objects for the game and exporting them to a .obj format. I work within Lightwave so the base models are .lwo's, if you're making this in Blender I can toss those over instead. Sound good?
  5. My suggestion? Amazing Extreme Adventures of the Intrepid Duo Traversing Universal InterPlanetary Space.
  6. "Asif Siddiky ‏@asifsiddiky @adaminator1 DFA8 has been cut and is in audio post now. Should be coming out soon. For what it's worth, it's nearly 40 minutes long."
  7. Sounds sweet! Ooh, I just thought of a cool idea. What if you could tame some of the monsters and go riding around on them? Might be a bit ambitious and not mesh well with the gameplay style, but it just came to mind now :3 And like there could be secret areas only available with a flying one!
  8. I think that most of this is just because it's a prototype! We have spent very little time/money on this project so far. 1 - We definitely want to have two sexes for each class! 2 - We have 5 classes planned! 3 - We're planning a deep crafting system with tons of loot! 4 - We'll definitely have solo missions as well! As for the platform, I think it would be a good fit for the 360 but we'll see what happens! Please do a PC version if it continues development, you'd be leaving out good paying customers otherwise! ^o^
  9. Only one I remember voting for was Hack & Slash, because I loved the idea and the execution could be incredibly great.
  10. Agree, checking the site almost everyday in the hope of news about the next episode I think they said it'd be end of last week or this week, so I expect it'll be in the next couple of days. It's coming soon, we're just running into technical issues with the upload. The usual. Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work~
  11. This will be streamed?!?! AWESOME! Can we get a countdown timer for those in different timezones (Makes it easier for us to know when it starts) and a link to the stream page?
  12. -A Volcano island with a sandy beach and trees. Inside the volcano there is an abandoned EVIL LAIR. Cue puzzles revolved around lava manipulation and electrical flow! -A moon made of cheese that has a hollow interior, ruled by mouse people. -A spaceship made by tree-people, with a wooden exterior. Water-powered! -An earthlike planet only the people there are all anthropomorphic food creatures in a constant war and all the technology and books you see are references to restraunt dishes! -An Anthropomorphic internet planet. ...No seriously, an anthropomorphic internet planet. -An underwater power generation lab with several flooded parts. -World of Giants. Where everything is thirty times the size of you. -Robotic planet with many moving parts. You'd have to navigate through treacherous -Inside a gigantic salmon with other people who were eaten! Work on getting out with the others without hurting the salmon. -A planet where the only way to achieve honor and leave is by battling others riding giant squirrels.
  13. Double Fine Adventure just levelled up! LEVEL: 5 Strength: 20 (+4) Fanbase: 900 (+19) Music: 30 (+3) Animation: 40 (+4) HP: 9000/9000 Awesomenes: What, you expected a number here? No number can convey. NO NUMBER CAN CONVEY. Dexterity: 90 Tim Schafer: 300 (+17.5)
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