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  1. Amazing stuff, very interesting. Can you let us know for how long you have been developing and implementing this system? Is it an in-house program and can it be licensed?
  2. Agree. I felt it was cause Vella is addressing a small child, so it´s way of making the term "Limpia" adequate to her age, or maybe more cute. At least that´s what I got since in Latin America, as a familiar form to make things sound more "likable", people tend to use diminutives a lot, like when they say "hijito" (sonny) instead of "hijo" (son), people feel it has more "heart and feeling" if you put the ITO or ITA at the end of every word. Actually the fact that the game is in Castillian makes it feel "Classic" in a way, which is the goal of the game. Since back then, all games, specially graphic adventures, came translated from Spain. And even games like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Talkie CD version) or Gabriel Knight II, that were never released specifically in Spanish, got tremendous fan translations from Spain later on that were spot on and very good.
  3. When Vella tries to use the towel with Rocky she says "Do you see any frosting on my face?" or something like that. Vella then responds, "No, you look very neat" but in spanish it says "Te ves muy limpito" when it should say "Te ves muy limpita" since Rocky is a girl. BTW, Castillian spanish can be very non intentionally funny for latin american people. For example, nobody uses the term Limpito nor Limpita, just Limpio or Limpia.
  4. The Simpsons Mexican dub. Batman AS and Animaniacs Venezuelan dub. Those are well beloved by all Latin America too IMO.
  5. Yeah, I´m in Mexico but choose to save on the shipping charges and sent my stuff to a friends house in the USA. So either if I go to visit or he comes, I´ll get my stuff with FREE shipping! So on that chart I´m not represented correctly... LOL For a more correct measure they should ask amazon/paypal about the countries on the billing addresses of the payment methods. That would be more accurate, the origin of the money and not where the stuff will be send. But I doubt they will give out that info though.
  6. 2PP, I don´t know if this has been asked before but... Who edits these episodes? How do you handle the video and audio post production process within your team? (I´m aware about the music already but not the rest) Thanks.
  7. Man I would really like to see an episode (not of the main doc, but as a sidekick) where they give you a tour of double fine. I mean a slow and nice tour with almost no cuts as possible, to get a sense of the physical space of the offices (the game field) and where they introduce each department and explain what all the people do in there. One by one. That would be sweet.
  8. Send Masseuses to DF. The ones without happy endings though please.
  9. This 5 part series is very cool too. Is about all videogames. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ras4E4N1S5E
  10. I doubt it, even if it runs all the games well you have to have 4 and 8 way joysticks, 1, 2 , 3 and 4 player buttons and joysticks, light guns, driving wheel, trackball and a spinner among other things. So in order to be really able to "play" most of all the games properly you´ll require a machine similar to this + a driving wheel and pedals:
  11. King of Babes, Lord of Pancake, Godfather of Three headed monkeys... and metal lover. And yes... saviour of Orphans.
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