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  1. Don't believe horizontals lies, no one knows what layout or art they'd use for the vertical collectors box. Impressive that vertical has managed to survive this onslaught of LIES though
  2. I'm kind of against releasing all this to the public right away, but I like the read-only archive idea (and maybe opt it out of search indexing)-- I'd just wait another year or two or 5. I think a change in assumed privacy from 'somewhat exclusive' to 'free-for-all internetz' for 35k posts by 1000s of people might require more than an obscure notice in the forum, if this is happening soon. "DFA: From Double Fine and 2 Player" is another story, that official stuff can be released anytime.
  3. # V E R T I C A L Definitely think the sideways boxes have a tabletop vibe, probably more suitable to an RPG like Wasteland 2. Surprised that 'traditional big-boxes' seem to still be evolving for people.. I do appreciate that people would like a bigger version of that key art, and after the last doc it's kind of hard to suggest anyone at DF have to make different art, or do anything -- But then maybe the horizontal box would hurt POSTER sales? Isn't that what horizontal people really want anyway, a sideways poster?? Seems like a proper $100-backer Kickstarter survey without the campaigning and other vagaries of the forums would be the fairest way to go? ... or a coin toss on a livestream Wooooo!11
  4. It does too make a difference when it's on it's side, since you know the face art is going the wrong direction and it nags at you constantly This is like asking for a sideways movie poster! I seriously think you should fix the Full Throttle box when you remake that one! (oooh, 100% vertical Tim Schafer collection one day??) #vertical
  5. That Full Throttle box used to drive me nuts since they clearly go on the shelf vertically.
  6. No beads, you crazy old man! I think besides possibly a remade FT (since it was *fully* Tim's to begin with, and the puzzles are already modern-ish), with the dessert/peyote section restored, there's not much anyone should touch. I'd be more open to reboots or sequels of the other games.
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