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  1. Thanks for your answer :-). Personally I would lean a bit more towards the visual cues, but I guess it will depend on what is going to work. You will be getting my vote. Best of luck
  2. Have you thought about local co-op? If you map the controls right you could potentially have two players play on the same controller( sort of like the nintendo switch joy-con)
  3. I don't even have a vr solution at all and I'm still voting for this one. I feel like asymmetric gameplay and VR can be a really good combination, especially in a weird party game like this.
  4. Really like this pitch. Did get a little bit of a jet set radio vibe from it. Probably because of the urban/hiphop vibe and the mention of different crews and turfs. Do already have an idea how you want to judge the player's dancing, what types of variables where you thinking to use?
  5. Not the biggest musical fan( Why are all these people singing? ;-) ), but this pitch sounds really interesting. I must say it feels a little bit like cheating that you managed to secure Austin Wintery, but it's definitely what sealed the deal for me.
  6. Somebody had to be the first ;-). Now the real question: How do you in envision the pottery wheel to work and how do you want to determinate the stats for the characters?
  7. Yes, the pitches are online. See you all in a hour of two
  8. %#$@&! yeah! Really enjoyed hanging around the forum the last two times, so I'm definitely going to do that this time aswell
  9. You always had a delay between the release of the documentary and the actual progress. I think it just feels a lot longer because you get your update in the morning of the next day. I have the same problem with confusion because of the time zones(another Dutch person here), but just expect your updates in the morning with a two day gap for the documentary.
  10. gulstar

    Day 3

    I wish I had more time to watch the live streams, because clearly i missed some interesting things. Well i have get some shuteye sometimes. Progress looks great, nice to see such advancement in only 3 days. It really pays of that you guys have all these elements from the other games.
  11. Well i focused on the propaganda specific about the leader because i didn't heard it mentioned before and i do believe it is necessary if you want to convince the people you are the best leader although the development of your country doesn't work out as planned. It could bring a fun element to the game where you will have to choose how far you want to go with the propaganda(if you don't people will start to question your authority, but to much at once and people will start to doubt you even if you speak the through). Also since there are enough people with a good sense of humor on this forum i was curious what kind of propaganda they would think of. But i'm just as curious about all other forms of propaganda and communication control we could use for this game. The people that have read 1984(if you haven't, it's a great demonstration how perfect totalitarianism could be achieved but also a warning for these kind of governments)will know how important it is to distract the people from what is really going on and let the critics think they are in control. But i don't think this game would benefit from an atmosphere like the one in 1984, because it is a bit to serious. So feel free to discuss anything connected to propaganda, because in the end it can only stimulate our thoughts about game play mechanics and that was my goal in the first place.
  12. There are no Great Leaders that haven't had trouble with people who didn't recognized their greatness. So the only way to fix this is to show them and the rest of the world how great you really are. I was wondering how propaganda is going to be implemented in the game. All the leaders of totalitarian states used propaganda to try and manipulate the people into thinking that they were great(sometimes even godlike). For example check this list of weird facts about the ""Great" Kim Jong Il. - According to his biography, he first picked up a golf club in 1994, at North Korea's only golf course, and shot a 38-under par round that included no fewer than 11 holes in one. Satisfied with his performance, he reportedly immediately declared his retirement from the sport. - At university it was claimed in his biography that he wrote no fewer than 1,500 books in three years - Minju Joson, a North Korean newspaper, reported once that Kim invented a product described as "double bread with meat" and created factories to produce them in order to feed his students and teachers. Some observers noted it was very similar to an American-hamburger. How do you guys feel about propaganda and what "Great" facts do you want your leader to have accomplished?
  13. Another one interested here. I don't need the fine details here, but i really want to know if the choice to invest your own money payed of and if broken age is indeed the game that will make you guys completely independent. And how the game met/failed expectations. I would be fine waiting till the release of act 2 to get a more complete overview of everything Maybe something like the news post that space base df-9 broke even (although i would love to see a counter on the site of that game).
  14. For the people who haven't seen it yet: http://www.spacebasedf9.com/devplans I really like the new way of splitting up the dev plans. This way it easier to see which things you prioritize on and what to expect in the future. I'm looking forward to the new garden rooms, this way there will be another few things to take care of before things start to get repetitive. From the near future updates, i'm looking forward to the carrying stuff and the better skills algorithm. That way people will get more distinctive persanalities and you could even bond with a couple. So if you look at this list, what are you guys the most excited about?
  15. gulstar

    Room ideas

    I would like to see something like a factory/workshop in which you produce complex materials for more complex rooms and functions for your space station. The resource system is a bit simplistic at this moment, and i think it would get more dept when there is more then one resource.
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