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  1. I got stuck right at the very beginning. Trying to find the ceremonial knife. I've clicked everything without any answers. Was stricly told not to eat the cupcakes or touch the cake. Never occured to me that clicking the cupcakes a second time would actually give me one. Mog Chothra - Halfway stuck here. Newer saw the red thread on what I was supposed to do. Solved this by brute force. Aka click everything on everything. The golden bird egg - This is where i got the most stuck. Tried everything, but could not get to the green egg. It was only by accident that i happened to fall through the cloud which solved this one for me. Map weaving - I completely overlooked one of the dialogue options here, which ment that I was trying to figure out the map weaving on the wrong chart. Was thinking about the whole puzzle in a far to complex manner. When i couldnt get the correct pattern knitted, I figured I had to cut some of the existing patterns with the knife or something to remove some of the already pre-knitted areas. I wasnt expecting the puzzle to be that simple, so I overthought it.
  2. When you say it, it sounds more like "brokenage" [one word], as upposed to "broken [insert pause here] age". This has the effect of making the name sound like lineage, alienage and similar words. Except brokenage isn't really a word, so as a title it doesn't make any sense. It's not that I don't like the meaning of the name, but in my ears it doesn't have that ring to it - if you know what I mean. So... I'm still waiting for the name to grow on me. Wait until the game has been released and ask me again then. Too early yet.
  3. Technically there are... just look on google maps. They might not be listed as fjords, but compared to the Norwegian fjords Sweden has a few areas along their coast that basically does the same thing. However I'm interested in learning what they are if not Fjords... We only have rivers in Sweden, no fjords unfortunately! If you want fjords, you have to go to Norway, Greenland or New Zealand. It all depends on the definition of the word "fjord". Depending on the language/country the term is even used for narrow inlets or even in fact rivers. But yeah - In general I would say Norway have fjords, not sweden. (Lol try a google picture search for "swedish fjords" and all the results you get are pictures of norwegian fjords )
  4. Best adventure game is still Grim Fandango - by far. And yes, no-one has ever heard of it (sadly). I'm playing the game right now as a matter of fact. Having a blast! The game didn't run very good on my new computers - so I built an old one. A brand new win 98 PC - Just so I could play GF all over again. Now, If you will excuse me, I have to get back to the game.
  5. ^^^ Haha, yes! And remove the option to type pass word directly. Must navigate through each letter at a time using keyboard arrows.
  6. Saving anywhere / anytime I want is an absolute must. I simply hate checkpoint type of game saving
  7. Some good points. I guess it comes down to the definition of adventure game. To me - in an adventure game - the story should always be the main focus, with or without any puzzles. Whereas in this game it seems that the puzzle-solving part in it self is the main objective.
  8. That as it may be, it still does not make it an adventure game as such. I have no doubts that The Cave will be a very enjoyable game, as The Lost Vikings also were, but marketing it as an adventure game seems misleading.
  9. To me, this looks more like a platform puzzle solving game. Not an adventure game.
  10. My favourite (and lesser known) german adventure game is Perry Rhodan - Myth of the Illochim. I think I've played through that like 4 or 5 times. It was released in 2008 i think.
  11. Not sure where I'd put The longest Journey. It had little violence and even less sex. Sure it contained a few lines of bad language, but should that be enough to make it a Mature game? If violence is the factor, then this should be the rating system: "In an E rated game, no one bleeds, in a T rated game the bad guys and bystanders bleed a little, in an M rated game, everyone bleeds a lot." Or as Michael Douglas more famously once said: “In a G-rated film, the hero gets the girl, in an R-rated film, the villain gets the girl, and in an X-rated film, everybody gets the girl.” Hm.. I would have voted for X-rated. Shame it's not on the poll. I have yet to see a good x-rated adventure game (every adult adventure game I know of are only cheesy at best). Hehe, not that I need x-rated content, but why be limited by rating? Let them unleash - oh well, you get my drift Btw, LSL isn't remotely adult in my book. It's just silly. I don't know, perhaps it's just me being to liberal... DF, just work your magic - rating doesn't matter. I'm confident it'll be fun regardless.
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