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  1. It has been an honor to have been a part of this. Thank you very much team Double Fine. I only played one minute of the beta, but I was already overcome with joy when I saw how truly beautiful this game is looking... wow... Can't wait to check out the rest of the game!
  2. Even though I don't post very often, I'm still a constant lurker on these forums and I still love this game and its creators to bits! No matter how bumpy the ride gets I will support you to whatever end!
  3. Well I voted for Worlds Apart. Even though I don't think it's a good title, it's the best one I've heard yet... Why did they remove the name suggestion field from the survey?
  4. I'm going to sleep on this for a while, but for now "Together" (or even "Twogether") seems to be floating around in my head. Naturally this would only work as a title should our boy and girl actually get to meet...
  5. I feel that the whole smurfs thing won't even be an issue if you consider a different color scheme. The Smurfs are very colorful and bright cartoons/comics. If DF were to use a more toned down way of coloring, the mushroom shapes would not even matter imho... From what we've seen, DF is already using a more subtle and refined way of texturing/coloring to fit the Bagel art style, so I think the mushroom level would not look anything like the smurfs when finished... Just sharing my personal opinion though...
  6. I'd love to help out with creating Dutch subtitles, I signed up as "Electrizzy"!
  7. Can't say i was expecting to hear that. No half-seasons please. Damn right, that really pissed me off
  8. O and P, but especially P because she looks a bit like a rebel! She won't go down without a fight! And she really does have a NausicaƤ thing going on there.
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