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  1. [del]Just finished up Gloria's level storywise, and decided to start mopping up everything I was missing from the levels so far. Everything was going well until I realised I'd missed a figment in Gloria's level (the one you need to get the mail boat to access the upper level, looks like a green windmill blade), having got it, my collection shows 111 out of 111, but there was no fanfare music and the level still shows as incomplete for figments in the tumbler: http://i57.tinypic.com/65o19k.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/359e438.jpg[/del] Ugh ignore me I'm an idiot. I didn't realise the figment counts are split between sub-areas.
  2. Yep I'm aware if that (it's signed and the file source link is there for all to see ), Iirs the only clear picture of Oatmeal I could find without taking a screenshot myself
  3. I was just browsing the DF store and noticed there are no plushies! Specifically, I was hoping for a Psi-Popper/Teleport bug plushie, aka Oatmeal: Please make this happen!
  4. No further word on this I take it? Would be nice to have it combined with a removal of the 30FPS-lock. I'm holding off buying it until it happens, just like I did with ITSP. I bought that literally the day it went GFWL-free.
  5. Cool, thanks for replying! Good to know it's not dead! I await with debit card in hand to make my second purchase of this game!
  6. So Psychonauts got released on the NA PSN a year ago. Yay! But where's the EU release? No one seems to know anything and now that the original publishers have tanked I was wondering if DF could shed some light on the issue, as it's up in the air who's responsible.
  7. I agree with the OP, and the same thing happened to me. It was the only time I looked up a solution on line and was perplexed to discover I had the right idea, just not using the correct control method. I even thought it mattered which way I pushed the boulder at one point. I think the puzzle may have worked better if there was a way to roll the boulder completely out of the dip and destroy it. As an aside, what's with the antique arcade machine in the future area? I assumed that the scientist could 'hack' it but I've not had the scientist and time traveller together on a playthrough yet.
  8. Everyone responding with 'it looks fine' must be referring only to the PC version. What about the other 3/4 of the gaming community on the consoles? If the term 'HD rerelease' irks you that much, just pretend I said 'rerelease'. It amounts to the same thing. Also, a rerelease of an old game isn't going to grind a studio to a halt on whatever else they are working on. The Cave was being worked on at the same time as Iron Brigade and the DF Adventure, for instance. Also Costume Quest and Stacking were being worked on together.
  9. The reason we haven't got it seems to be time/money, so why not Kickstart it to gage interest? Wouldn't it be a relatively small amount compared to most high-profile Kickstarters? It'd be a nice way to see it re-released on all console platforms.
  10. Thanks, I'm aware of the alternatives. It's just not practical.
  11. Man, all I want to do is sit in front of my TV with my girlfriend and show her this great game.
  12. You need to use one of your other characters that are outside the house. Check the 'pile of bones'.
  13. Did it ever turn up? The American Playstation blog even used a quote from me when they were announcing the release of it on PSN in August 2012, but ironically, me being in the UK, it never appeared on the EU store (as far as I'm aware). Is there any official reason for this, or further news?
  14. I don't know about seven deadly sins, I think they just have defining human characteristics that aren't restricted by the 'deadly seven'. For instance: Greed: Scientist (only wants money) Vanity: Adventurer (Fame and glory) Cowardice: Knight (pretends to be brave, but can never follow through) Envy: Time-Traveller Love: Hillbilly (I think people are being a bit unfair saying he's just 'lustful', Love is a complex emotion and doesn't always lead to a good end) Free Will: Twins (They are sick of being told what to do and just want to go and play). Anger: Monk (unable to cope with not being good enough, he kills and replaces the Master)
  15. I understand that they were under time constraints, but a I'd say another 4-5 puzzle areas like the Prospector, Hermit and Hunter all randomised so you don't know which three you'll get on a playthrough would've been a good way to go. People would've been playing it through many, many times trying to see them all, and it means it wouldn't just be a case of sleepwalking through those areas once you've done them once. I'd also like to have seen non-obvious ways to finish the character areas in a 'good' way, ie. In the Knight's area, using the Monk or Time Traveller to get the dragon treasure without unlocking the gate, but I appreciate that's more a character arc choice than a game design one. I'm hoping for a sequel or 'expanded' version at any rate.
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