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    I came for Broken Age but stayed for TACTICAL FANTASY GAME. Let's do this! So my thoughts and ideas: • Is there a way that after a marriage it can be produce more than one offspring? It isn't thouched that much. • If yes does this create multiple relics or is it better to choose one heir to be the bearer of the relic? • Is a equipped relics on a slain hero lost in all eternity (or until found) or will it be passed on to you and to other heroes of that bloodline • Can a hero loose it's allegiance and be turned over to an enemy (because he snagged away the bride or the groom and they are bound by family) or vice versa, can you make advances to an enemy and bind them by marrying • Will the boodlines / houses have distinctive visual differneces and boons / flaws that come along with them Well these are more questions than thoughts, but things that go through my mind
  2. That's true! All those Brütal sales are definitely helping! I feel so brütal now, that I can play a game, while helping the game that I want to play and playing that former game shortens the wait to play the latter game... wait where was I?
  3. so, if I got this right by buying Brutal Legend on PC (and getting fun out of that) REDS will be better and I get more fun out of it. So I essentially contributed more to the project and more to my personal fun? Great!
  4. I noticed that I'm still required to research a snack, though I can't ... Also the achievements did unlock now, but I didn't get any onscreen prompt, which felt weird ...
  5. Hmm... I guess the achievements don't work offline. There are several that didn't unlock for me i.e branch out, two of a kind, jack of all trades etc. I usually tend to play a bit on my iPod touch with not being online... I guess the achievement center does not check retroactively which is quite a bummer ... Also, does the branch ranking only count districts that are not finished, because right now I'm just leveling my heroes and do missions in other districts, but nothing gets added to the branch ranking, ever... Currently holding of playing through it...
  6. Ah... and I thought I was alone...
  7. Great, I was wondering if the game can be played on local co-op, because I tend to play some games with my GF. She is more the type for platformer and non-hectic gameplay. Double Fine again to the rescue, providing me with more fun !
  8. Sweet Justice all the way, because I wanted to dispense sweet justice to my enemies...
  9. Hope that I'm not TOO late contributing Heroes * Butterfly-Man; Born into a poor family, his parents survived a robbery (the robbers didn't even want to shoot at his parents). Now he is exacting revenge, not only did the survival of his parents deny him a big pile of money due to life insurance, but now he can't be in a constant brooding about his parents death. Also with being 35 they still require him to be home for dinner. That's 4.30 p.m.! 6 p.m. he has to go to bed... waking early, because his city needs him! Mission * Since you are just a branch, maybe some friendly disputes / get together with other heroes, maybe with a 1% chance that this hero might actually join you. The legendary Legendary
  10. Just so everyone knows. Since DF made it great to play without paying, I felt obliged to reward them. So I went and bought the Coin Copier as a little thank you. I know it's not much, but a small reward for not abusing the F2P model. I feel more rewarded for buying than punished for not buying. Also it's a nice touch, that if you remove your Hereos / MM from their work out / research / whatever you can pick up where you left of instead of loosing all the progress .
  11. Sure it's a legitimate business model, however that doesn't mean I've got to like it. Also this doesn't mean I'm not allowed to tell DF I don't like it. I've just voiced my concern and maybe other ppl feel like me and don't bother with F2P games, because of experiences with other games. That said, I tell you again that I was pleasantly surprised how well the game is balanced and I feel, that the payment method is just there for speeding things up and do not feel like an obligation. Thank you DF for a pleasant trip thus far and showing me that F2P doesn't mean the fun is left out
  12. I'm irritated that you are even put in a position to have to say this. How many months did you guys work on this game? I hadn't heard that Double Fine had become a non profit, and that you guys show up to work every day so that you can provide free entertainment to overly entitled spoiled brats. That's very charitable of you. Easy there tiger, though you didn't direct any comment towards me specifically, you answered within this thread, so I assume the overly "entitled spoiled brats" was a (bit) towards me. So I just make it clear that I just loathe the F2P business model as is and not the fact that you have to pony up for games! I said it before via quote, I like to pay upfront and not bother with transactions in the game. I like for example the Kairosoft folks and don't feel entitled to receive games from them for free. Also as stated again F2P had been often used to drain the money out of the wallet, end you usually end up paying more than you want to. I don't like that a bit. That said, I must compliment Double Fine on a fun game, I tried it out so far and liked it, so much I feel guilty not paying upfront.
  13. You bargain hard there. Now I'll have to give it a try...
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