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  1. Yeah, some guidance on Widows 7 would be great! Also - to make things easier on me could I copy some couple of config files (from the steam version) to make things much easier? If yes, which should I need to copy. Nonetheless - I would love the guidance .
  2. I have the same trouble - though I using an HDMI cable and the speakers of my monitors give a sound output, all is black on the screen nonetheless. Though I have Psychonauts on Steam, which runs like a charm, I wanted to install the DRM-Free Version. I'm also using Windows 7 64-Bit with Service Pack 1 Intel iCore i5-2400 @ 3.10GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.1GHz AMD Radeon HD 6800 with the latest drivers and DirectX11 installed 4096MB RAM and an ASUS VH 222H monitor I wanted to attach my dxdiag, but the forum won't allow me to, also the text would be too long . I would also appreciat some help in this manner!
  3. Though I had Psychonauts and some other games already on steam (and beat them) I just donated some small amount of money. Feelin' good
  4. I just take my chances, since the subscription notification didn't work for me - so if this thread is still valid, here I go: - mouse cave, while being shrunk - inside clouds - a top of a flower - inside a boring living room, where everyone is slaved to the tv - on the road (again) - inside a supermarket - in a comic book store - at an alley - in a pet shop - in a shop, where you buy inventory for shops (not just petshops) - in a candy factory - at a butchers funeral - on the cemeteray that hasn't to do anything with the funeral I mentioned before - in a car - on top of a car - on the side of a car, but not the road - on a yawn - at a lawyer's office - inside a treetophouse - inside a treetop sans house - at a swimming pool - at a deserted festival ground - in a circus (show) - at a magician show - in a class during class - in a school - janitor's office (must not be that of a school) - inside a pc - inside a pc shop - inside a shop that poses off as another shop - at a diner, at midnight, swarmed by aliens, that get fought by ghouls, while trying abducting cows the zombies wanted to ear (for their brains) - during winter season on a parking lot - inside a book store, while you trying to find the nervending story - at a japanese manufacturer for love dolls - inside a strip club that got closed, because it showed non-nude girls (whoops) - at a snack shop - in a space ship - in a ship - in a pirate ship - in a viking ship - in LA at double fine - at a spooky shack that sells mysterious potions - during summer at a field that grew corn, while you see a big desolate house in the far sunset, whith the wind blowing the grains. the red light of the setting sun is shining on the street. you are running, running from a murderer, a muderer of ants! you saw him stomping on them and now you run - he doesn't hunt you though, but you run! ... RUN!!!!! - at a bat cave - NOT THE BAT CAVE - during lunch in a catina full of white collar workers - on an island, full with giant rocks! not spiders, not apes - giant rocks! that's creepy as it gets - on this island during halloween with giant pumpkin monsters instead of rocks (less creepier, but well!) - on a plane that is about to land, while suddenly the captain says that everything is indeed fine (suspicious!) - inside baker street 221B, where a mysterious murder just happened! - at a policestation - at a former police station that is now a pizza parlor and last but not least - inside a shower, cleaning yourself from all that adventurous adventure you have been in - while you have to figure out, why the warm water ran out - now you have wander naked into the dark cellar - while calling the janitor to fix that!
  5. I hope my input isn't too late, I just saw this, because I somehow don't get any notifications any more Using Firefox 12.0 on Windows 7 (64Bit). Streaming seems to work perfect. I also can jump quickly to spots on the film. Fullscreen also works fine, however the sound output is very, very low!
  6. YEAH .. new Epsidoe ... BOOOH already over ... YEAH next one will likely to come up later!
  7. The Thriller ending was the absolute killer. Good Pr-E-pisode! (You should call them that from now on, I command thee!) Again I vocal for the paypal thingie - thing!
  8. Wow good read, even I could understand it. Also a big thanks for including wikipedia and .. yeah Offtopic: Could you do a monthly "What you (probably) missed this Month!" Update on Kickstarter. I regularly visit the forums, but maybe not everyone. Pls don't get me wrong. Not a whole transcript, but a short description and a link (and a reminder for those not signed into the forum to do so!). The same goes for SIDEQUEST and the normal video updates (which you are presenting via update).
  9. I'm just a $15.00 backer, but I'm worried about some of the folks not going to the forum and not reading that and you loosing all of your multimillion starbucksmoonmoney .
  10. My mind is literally blown, not only by the art and the visual style the game might / probably take, but also how understandable the text was in comparision with the other texts from 2PP and DF Oliver. Not to devalue their work, but I could simply follow your text, without being a animation / visual wizard. Sure, the occasional technical expression here and there, but nonetheless, easy to follow. I hope 2PP and DF Oliver would follow suit, so I can understand all the awesomeness, but I guess this is not happening, eh? However, again! WONDERFUL ART!
  11. I'm interested why you didn't use the picture of Paul displaying "Actually it was my idea" and why "Minecraft: The Story of Mojang!" was changed to "2Player Productions.com"
  12. Thanks for all the warm and fuzzy info ... Much appreciated ^-^o
  13. I thought about doing this and looked over my list again, but i wasn't sure where to start. The best thing to do may be to just add a bunch of wikipedia links and instructional videos for the stuff i can't easily explain. Depends on the articles linked. If there is a technical expression used to explain a technical expression, it wouldn't help either . Maybe a seperate post that doesn't go too much into the tech, but mostly on the possibilities it opens. I mean yeah, it would be great to learn about the tech, but I guess a lot of folks would be happy to get : => We bought camera x to shoot big landscapes we couldn't do easily before, because of [technical reason]. These are just assumptions on my own and I'm not in the position to speak for everybody . I hope I don't ask too much. I don't want to overburden you ... now my cat needs peting!
  14. SCUMM is the old engine all the Lucasarts Adventure games (Maniac Mansion and the like) were written in! An engine is aptly named - it's the thing that makes the game go. It takes the piles of animations and drawings that make up all the characters and rooms and tells them how to interract so that they can be a game. You can actually play SCUMM games via a really neat little tool called SCUMM VM! It works on dozens of systems - even, if I remember correctly, the Sega Dreamcast. Thanks for clearing that. Now on to the whole thread... Confusion Bomb Galore!
  15. Hey there 2PP, is there a chance you can rewrite / explain some of the stuff going on for those who are not well versed in this kind of tech? It would be really cool to see the sausage made and on the trip get some basic facts to understand the ride a bit more better... . Thanks for considering.
  16. Hey Oliver, while your doing a terrific job, keeping your answers as simple as possible. Some things are just way over my head (this concerns some questions asked, too). It's the same in the 2PP Equipment thread. Somehow I feel left out in terms of "What's going on." For example, what is SCUMM? This is my very first adventure game ... Maybe some "programming 101" ... or to write your answers more clearer? Don't get me wrong, you do a terrific job. But sometimes when I want just a quick look, I scratch my head and say "What!?"
  17. You mean someone is watching us? Why didn't anybody tell me that before? Now I've got to search my pants...
  18. German programming in the house, ya! [inspiration taken from ad][German / Deutsch]Danke Oliver für den Interessanten aber verständlichen Forum Eintrag![/German / Deutsch] - - Great to see a lot of insightful updates. Though Tim said we get not only to see the sausage made, but shoved in our face, I was on the impression that this only was for the video documentary and the forum was used for direct feedback from fans to developer. I'm glad to see DoubleFine & Tim really comitting to a lot of these promises. I can see me kickstarting whatever you plan next (as long as I can play it on a platform I own), just because of your fullfillment! Manly Tears!
  19. These guys are displeased with your comment. They fixed it for you. Thank you good sire for your understanding!
  20. So you are going to post all of your delicious pancake recipes?
  21. Kiwamu

    BEHOLD ...!

    Well I ordered it from the DF shop. $20.00 gives you a signed copy. It cleared customs pretty good here in Germany. You're fine with a credit card
  22. Well - I guess this thread is more for the tech savvy guys, but I had to post this some day. Also it's great to see the money put to good use where even new projects can benefit from it . Really great
  23. Kiwamu

    BEHOLD ...!

    ... my new familiy heirloom signed by Tim Schafer himself! My kids will grow up and ask me what this Psychonauts is. Then I'll show them Mr. Pokeylope. Their mind will be blown a thousand times!
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