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  1. Discovered a minor oversight in the intro. In the newly added spaces, Ben is missing his cigar!
  2. The 4k resolution makes the Ben clones stand out way more. This needs to be addressed. Just the back of each biker's head needs to be remodeled. That shouldn't be hard.
  3. There were a few tracks with drums. Tons of guitars, of course. There are also lots of orchestral stuff in there like strings, brass, woodwinds. Some synth stuff like pads. Piano, strings, timpani and tubular bells are quite common. A few oddities like an accordion and electric organ. The game wanted to sound like a Hollywood mystery thriller soundtrack, but 90's midi instruments didn't do it justice. Hopefully, fairly realistic virtual instruments are used this time around. You can take a listen here:
  4. Did you manage to find the original voice recordings?
  5. That is awesome! I could hear the redone intro music in the teaser trailer and noticed a big improvement.
  6. Good to know it looks even better than what was shown so far.
  7. Will the background music be redone from scratch, or is it going to be remastered in high quality? Some of it sounds like a really bad midi synth.
  8. What exactly do you mean by "worse"? In what way? Low quality sound effects. If it's low quality, then keep it, this is a remaster not a "special edition." You wouldn't want Luke's iconic lightsaber sound effect to be replaced with something completely different just because it was "low quality." This video illustrates my point.
  9. The whole purpose remastering is to go back to the original source material and create a new master from them in the highest quality. If the original sound files are available then they should be used. The game should be preserved as it was originally presented.
  10. Hoagie Belch: #86 "Long, Disgusting Burp Take 1" The Premiere Edition Vol.13
  11. "Ding" Sound: #142 "Desk Bell Rings" The Edge Edition Vol. 1 Edit: (This might not be the correct sound.)
  12. I think these are non-commercial licenses, but I'm not completely sure. We are able to listen to each individual effect to know where to find them. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_pg_1?fst=as:off&rh=n:163856011,k:The+Hollywood+Edge+Sound+Effects+Library,p_n_feature_browse-bin:625150011&bbn=163856011&sort=relevancerank&keywords=The+Hollywood+Edge+Sound+Effects+Library&ie=UTF8&qid=1459973546 Here's a few to start. Tentacle Hop: #129 "Wet, Suction-Like Impact" Cartoon Trax Vol. 5 Tentacle Plop: #114 "Splat with Light Thuddy Impact" Cartoon Trax Vol.5 (Note: First part of the sound only) Bird/Tentacle Cough: #210 "Woman with Nagging Cough" Cartoon Trax Vol.2 (Note: Sped Up in-game)
  13. How would you distract the human catcher with "cartoon logic?" Maybe you can make the horse fall asleep? What are some boring things?
  14. I thought it might be for the hamster, but I have no reason to think the hamster needs a sweater so far, it's happily in the tank in its owner's room. The cats don't seem to need a sweater either. And I haven't seen any mice come out of the mouseholes. Maybe eventually something will come up I've still made no headway with the horse's teeth/human competition/tracker tentacle guard. And Dr. Fred won't sign the contract for the monies. And Ben is asking for something lightweight and waterproof, hmmm. You may need to progress a little bit more to know for sure. (Avoid the screenshot thread for a spoiler)
  15. If they can take the original models, but update the texture work. That would work well.
  16. Ned and Jed look like they ripped straight out of a Tim Burton film.
  17. Maybe there is something tiny that can wear it....
  18. Well maybe in 50 or 100 or whatever many years we will have a remastered remastered edition with all the original sound effects intact. Or you can just buy the sound library. All of the non-custom Sound effects come from Hollywood Edge. You can buy them from sound-ideas.com https://www.sound-ideas.com/Collection/3/2/0/The-Hollywood-Edge-Sound-Effects-Libraries
  19. Wait, is the second one the one from the remastered or from the sound library? If it's from the sound library then all they'd have to do is move the pitch down a tick and it would be perfect! The second one is from the sound effects library. It's not in the remaster. It should be.
  20. You mean this? Here’s the tentacle “suction” sound. and the “plop” (The game only used the first bit and cut off the rest.) I feel they didn't look hard enough, so now we have these new sound effects that just don't carry the same impact as the originals.
  21. There are a lot of changed sound effects, which I feel are unnecessary since this is supposed to be a remaster, not a remake.
  22. They would have just replaced all of the sound effects if they didn't care, but they did include a lot of the original sounds. I may make a new thread to locate the rest of the "missing" sound effects.
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