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  1. I'm so happy to see I Have No Idea What I'm Doing make it to the final list. The VR audience is small and doesn't have the votes to get that done, but it's a potentially great idea and a project with a scope that seems like it could make a successful real game. I'm really excited to play this.
  2. Does Autonomous for Leap Motion actually exist? I remember the announcement, but I could never figure out how to buy the damn thing. I'm one of the 33 people who actually have a Leap Motion, too.
  3. I don't understand where to find the actual link to vote... My order page just has some long code, not a link and says "Thanks for voting."
  4. Ok, great job on the new release, congratulations, yadda yadda. But seriously, those fonts. They're insanely bad. They look like they've been run through some vectorization program and just left untouched. They make absolutely no sense. Did no one think this mattered?
  5. I don't think the intention was to set up a sequel. I wouldn't rule out the possibility, but it's definitely not what DF wants to do next. Wouldn't mind a director's cut to plug a few plot holes though.
  6. Shay didn't think his parents were computers. That's an assumption we, the player, are meant to make, but in fact it's just Shay distancing himself from his parents and only talking to them through the ship's communication screens. He addresses this at one point and says "Sorry for treating you like a computer lately."
  7. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Ok, first of all, I loved the experience, and it's a comedy adventure so I can forgive plot holes and the like, but the final act's exposition feels like it skipped over an awful lot. 1. What exactly is it that the Thrush need and why do they need Shay to select it? 2. It's said that only a boy like Shay, isolated for 14 years can make this selection, and yet it seems like he has nothing to do with how maidens are selected. The villages select the maidens. This seems reinforced by the reveal at the end that Vella's grandmother is a member of the Thrush (a reveal which begs quite a few questions as well). Shay is just grabbing as many as he can and doesn't seem to have much insight. 3. Why does everyone stop trying to kill them when the ships melt? 4. Did all those maidens just die in the Mog and why doesn't anyone care or acknowledge this?
  8. I can confirm the game is indeed the full game. I completed it on Android. There's no IAP as far as I can tell, so they may just be enabling the permission for the sake of future DLC or something.
  9. I feel like, as an experiment to see if the public can handle the truth of videogame development, unfiltered by PR and marketing, and it's shown unequivocally that they cannot. Double Fine thinks that if people just watch the doc they'll understand why things turned out how they did. They won't. They won't watch the whole doc and they won't understand even if they do. The simple fact is, if Double Fine Adventure had been funded by a publisher (which admittedly would have been unlikely) we would have never heard about it until 4 or 5 months before release and no one would ever know or complain about all the delays and overruns. No one would be calling Tim mean names and everyone would just be happy for such a great game and it would probably sell a lot more too. At the end of the day, people don't want to know how the sausage is made, alas.
  10. Because they're launching simultaneously with retail, they're going to have to "go gold" a couple weeks in advance of release, so I expect we'll probably hear something soon. Very excited it's finally almost here.
  11. They were in the originals. The recent sequel Tesla Effect actually doesn't do it as well as the older ones, in my opinion.
  12. The addition of verbs as unique options (which wouldn't make sense with another verb) is a good idea. I'm guessing they'll probably go with something like that for DOTT. I just hope we get options, really the thing I like about the way it was done with Grim is that there were all kinds of options, for the purists, for the new people, and everyone wins. What I think will be more controversial is if there should be some sort of in game UHS style hint engine. I think, after reading people's responses to Grim, probably there should be. Many people just don't want to be stuck on puzzles, and that's okay, we shouldn't force them to be, even if that's how we liked to play it. Particularly because, as I recall, there were versions of DOTT that came with a walkthrough packed in. So I'd love optional hints, it seems like a win-win to me. I'd be interested in what other people think. I want to at least consider a hint system. DOTT is a lot easier than Grim, but there are still points where people could use some help. I think if we at least give an achievement for not using the hint system there is an incentive to try and play without it. But, as of right now I don't know if it is something we will be able to do within the budget and timeline. If you do a hint system, consider doing something similar to Under a Killing Moon and Pandora directive. They let you "buy" progressively more specific hints so you'd never truly get stuck. Still one of the best hint systems ever.
  13. Do some extent the requirements for Grimm were just requirements of a modern OS. So yeah, you'll still probably need 4GB of RAM, because you need that just to run Windows 7 64-bit without grinding to a halt. But it probably won't have as heavy a requirement for the 3D card and processor.
  14. The first redrawn one (the one with Bernard visible) is good, as is animated 3D. The rest are offensive. I'm more concerned with how the animation will be handled. Going from low-res pixel art requires a good deal of interpretation, and a simple trace like what's in that shot won't do the visual style justice in my opinion. Thick, chunky, colored outlines were a necessity of the technology they were working with, designed to evoke thin black lines that they couldn't draw. I hope some care is taken to preserve the Looney Tunes look they were going for.
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