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  1. 1. Inside the center of a star 2. Inside a black hole 3. In one of those caves where salt and fresh water meet and when you poke your head above the salt water it LOOKS like air, but really it's fresh water and if you take your SCUBA gear off you'll drown
  2. Congrats, Majus! Congrats, DF! DFA and everything it is bringing with it has renewed my belief in the existence of awesome.
  3. This is, in my opinion, the best part of the whole post.
  4. Reading this thread makes me want a dev to design a cool, fun-for-all-ages Phineas and Ferb adventure game, where the puzzles actually require you to build sweet creations.
  5. In retrospect, I should've added some additional options.
  6. That's what I'm talkin' about... Kickstart My Heart! lol
  7. Hah, that would be great. Obviously there needs to be more to the game than favorite cameos, but I hope at least a few good ones make it in.
  8. I was hoping for more theme song backing
  9. It's that lack of smiling, isn't it?
  10. So many polls, but none of them ask for important information like this one. As always, choose the most appropriate option. Just because.
  11. It's interesting to me that with 443 votes, 0 people have said that it's to gain beta access. So many big publishers use beta as the keystone for preorders - but maybe it's not as valid as many people think. Or, it's just because adventure game fans are too awesome to care.
  12. Ryan, that's awesome. I've actually heard of the Ponycorn Adventure... maybe on Ars Technica or joystiq? I dunno, somewhere. It's great that things are working out well, and I can only imagine how beneficial this current event is for you and others in your shoes.
  13. Oh, I'm aware. As an avid writer and gamer, I've toyed with the ideas in a few design docs. I think my goal would be at a design/production level. I haven't programmed games since my MUD days in the mid-90s, but I've been led to believe I have a good deal of creative savvy. We shall see. The novel is the most important bit, I think, for moving away form IT and establishing myself. My photography has helped a bit, but going back to school really put a damper on that as well. Maybe by the time the game comes out, I can post in here about a Kickstarter for my book
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