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  1. IGN posts Reveal Trailer

    No Mac version?
  2. Mac support?

    Awesome to hear. Eagerly awaiting Mac version of Headlander as well.
  3. Is there another documentary episode?
  4. I am okay with releasing it. We wanted to be part of making it happen, the game, the doc. We got access early. I'm totally cool opening up the documentary to the world after the game is released. Also, not against you getting the documentary on Netflix so people can watch it there.
  5. Day Of The Tentacle Special Edition

    Is this still happening or was it the project that got cancelled?
  6. Fair enough. Emulation is easy enough. Good point.
  7. Well, Dear Leader is written in Lua using 2HB engine and Moai. They already did the work to port that engine to Mac. It's not out of the question they could get these running on other platforms. But yeah, it does probably take time to do.
  8. Is this something we could try to do for AF2015?
  9. Chat Intelligence

    Tone: Sarcastic Meaning: Negative ............ or Joke ... I don't know, I'd need the software to decide. I found it hilarious either way Looks like that system would at least be useful for my posts. But hey, in the end, if it's hilarious either way, lets just have the pink guys be a little ambigious.
  10. Solid work! I hope this makes it out on the Amnesia Fortnight bundle.
  11. Edict system notes

    Yeah, please more posts like this.
  12. Break in

    Somebody broke into Double Fine? Were they fans? For seriously?? What asses.