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    I'm a man with so much love for art, music, and gaming that I plan to make all three one day.
  1. Oh yeah baby just won 3m on runescape!
  2. Thanks everybody!

    . Oh my god. That's umm well ok then.
  3. Psychonauts Milkman Level Sculpture

    If you make Black Velvetopiia I will so buy it.
  4. Eating fresh baked Cinnimom rolls.
  5. Good morning all! Sad news tho my mom foot has a tumor in it non cancerous tho.
  6. Holy any pokemon themed gifs? Nope, was never into pokemon so that never came to mind... but here another one of my favorites: I got an idea for a pikachu one, maybe I'll work on that the next time I'm bored... If you could make me a Raichu gif I'd give you a cookie.
  7. Please don't give too much attention to all the requests...

    And lots of drinking!!!!!!!
  8. Prepare Yourselves

    Overland flight doesn't even give you that much. O_o And a +10 bonus to your spellcraft checks is kind of meh once you get to the point where you might find a staff with it. I just Larp to much boys and my boots of thunder(12+speed) makes everyone jelous.(And by boots of thunder I mean sandles)
  9. Holy any pokemon themed gifs?
  10. Psychonauts Milkman Level Sculpture

    Justin I know it's really freaking good. You gonna show it to Tim?
  11. Thanks everybody!

    Hey Introduce yourself Escarioth here!
  12. Creative Ideas ?

    I don't think they are taking suggestion, cool idea but still.