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    I'm a man with so much love for art, music, and gaming that I plan to make all three one day.
  1. . Oh my god. That's umm well ok then.
  2. If you make Black Velvetopiia I will so buy it.
  3. Good morning all! Sad news tho my mom foot has a tumor in it non cancerous tho.
  4. Holy Crap....got any pokemon themed gifs? Nope, was never into pokemon so that never came to mind... but here another one of my favorites: I got an idea for a pikachu one, maybe I'll work on that the next time I'm bored... If you could make me a Raichu gif I'd give you a cookie.
  5. Overland flight doesn't even give you that much. O_o And a +10 bonus to your spellcraft checks is kind of meh once you get to the point where you might find a staff with it. I just Larp to much boys and my boots of thunder(12+speed) makes everyone jelous.(And by boots of thunder I mean sandles)
  6. Justin I know it's really freaking good. You gonna show it to Tim?
  7. Hey Introduce yourself Escarioth here! http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/111/
  8. I don't think they are taking suggestion, cool idea but still.
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