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  1. Yeaaahhh - can someone please fly me out to SF? That would be greeeeaaaat......
  2. This was freaking cool. Although many of us hoped our videos would get chosen but didn't, the end result echos our collective thoughts about Double Fine and Broken Age. Very well done!
  3. I hope I'm not too late! Did this ad-lib. Transcription (not script!) below: e3Aaig98f2o
  4. *dies* Thanks for this! I'm even more excited now, and I didn't think that was possible!
  5. I love these posts and this amount of insight. Thanks a ton, and keep up the great work!
  6. What had to be blurred out? ....generally speaking, of course. Edit: Too slow! Dynamo beat me to it.
  7. Thanks for posting this. Was wondering about DF presence @ E3 2012
  8. Great update! Thanks for all the awesome insights! I work at a company that does mainly waterfall development, so doing some scrum projects was a tough adjustment. You guys consider licensing your custom scrum tool? Seems like it could be a nifty opportunity and helpful to us scrum n00bs.
  9. Hey Tim, I remember you said how Link breaking pots with no reaction from the townspeople breaks the immersion. Something along those lines, that I've been dying to see in a video game. You know how in Uncharted / Indiana Jones, the protagonist is exploring those temples or what have you that are centuries old and all of the mechanical doors / levers work? To me, it's just not plausible and breaks the immersion. It would be cool to see like an obvious path that involves some sort of ancient machine / giant puzzle and instead of the lever moving some giant 200 ton stone wall, it breaks and the protagonist comments to himself about it (for the player to chuckle along to). Then s/he has to find another way. Thanks for listening (reading)! ~Alfred
  10. Works on iPad (3rd Gen). Edit: It's looks/loads/sounds great. Tracking is fast. HD button included unlike Vimeo mobile.
  11. Cool! It would be nice to see the counts for the <1% categories.
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