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  1. Beta - Mac

    I have not played games for a long time, and I am not familiar with Steam. What is the general Mac hardware requirements to run the game smoothly? This brings back good memories. I remember back in the 90s when I played Full Throttle on a 486dx2 66hz with 8 meggs of ram and 2x speed cd-rom. The intro did not play smoothly beacause of the slow 2x cdrom Looking forward to paste in some bug reports!
  2. I think there are a lot of backers which have programming skills, and wish to see you post a "code-video". For instance, some iOS stuff would have been nice
  3. I vote for larger fonts for $250 backers!
  4. Rewards Going Out!

    young kids, small joys
  5. Rewards Going Out!

    I wish they prioritized the shipments after how much you pledged..
  6. Rewards Going Out!

    Have anyone in Norway received their stuff yet?
  7. Got my backers items today

    If someone has received a signed poster, please post a pic
  8. Suggesions for the Game

    I hope Tim will come up with some ideas of a rough, cool paked with humor kind of game, not sweet and freaky.. Full throttle is my favorite. I also liked grim fandango and brutal legend. I like the rough though type of games.
  9. Your Dream Adventure Game

    Cool rough story with humor mixed with all the best from full throttle and brutal legend. Special custom motorcycles an custom cars with special abilities. Games with motorcycle gangs are a really cool concept which can be repeated
  10. Full Throttle did have a fantastic story and soundtracks!! I loved and still love the rough motorcycle gang consept! I remember my world broke down because my 2x speed CD-ROM on my 486 wasnt fast enough to run the intro smooth :-P
  11. How far do you think the pledge will go?

    Lucky me, i am one of the 900 $250 backers
  12. I totally agree with you.. I am sick and tired of all the "call of duty" look alike games. Nothing new is actually added to that genre since Half-life, except from better graphics. I see forward to play a game with my feet on the table with a good cup of coffee while I am in "flow time" and get entertained by a point & click game..
  13. The Double Fine Adventure 2D or 3D?

    To have a successful 3d implementation, we need some rich uncles to donate millions I guess.. MotionScan is patented by team bondi and costs a lot I think we land on a basic 2d style
  14. The Double Fine Adventure 2D or 3D?

    LA Noire character