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  1. Hey, first: Thank you for making the documentary episodes available for download, the 1080p videos look glorious, I'll probably rewatch them all on my TV soon. Anyway: I was wondering, is there any chance the sidequest videos could be made available as downloads as well? I loved them all and it would be really great to have a download version of those as well... Anyway, thanks again, I'm still proud I'm a backer (and the game itself is lovely and I can't wait for part 2) the only thing I regret is that I only pledged at the 30$ tier back in the day and I'm missing out on some of the awesome physical goods...
  2. Oh wow yeah it's there, thanks, I totally didn't see that litltle small grey + sign. Got it, yahoo!
  3. It's not in my Humble Bundle account (hasn't been when others claimed it was in theirs), I'm registered with the same mail as the one I backed Broken Age, what did I do wrong? Do I really need to wait for the e-mail? Argh, the waiting is killing me Edit: Oh I guess only Slacker Backers through Hundle got it in their account automatically I'm an original backer (I actually backed when the goal wasn't even met yet... it's a bit unfair that slackers get the game before us )
  4. Love, love love the trailer! Also so, so, so excited for tomorrow! (yes, I'm tripling everything I'm saying due to how excited I am )
  5. Wohoo, playing on my 2012 Nexus 7, working great so far and looks super fun. Thank you, Double Fine!
  6. Here I am, eating ice cream and randomly browsing the Double Fine forums only to see this new update... with ice cream on the wall. That must be fate Seriously though, really love the design, cannot wait to finally be able to play the game!
  7. Yikes man, thanks for the catch. I guess I didn't take too much time to think about my phrasing. No worries, I see you already changed it . Still, great episode, you're a worthy addition to the 2PP team!
  8. I too loved POV-Ray back then, only recently, out of nostalgia (and boredom, I guess) I downloaded a recent version and rendered a few of the included samples - man, these things render FAST on newer computers these days, even if rendered in huge resolutions compared to back in the day
  9. Great episode, well done Oliver and 2PP! Those side quests are always great, this one is no exception Just one tiny nit-pick about the text from under the video from a history nerd: East Berlin wasn't part of the Russian Federation. It was the capital of the independent GDR (German Democratic Republic), of course it was alligned with the Soviet Union (politically and economically), similar to other Eastern European countries. It's as if you would say Western Germany was part of the United States of America, which obviously it wasn't...
  10. I just bought Psychonauts a fourth time... don't regret it (and I still missed Costume Quest and BrĂ¼tal Legend so the bundle is more than worth it). Also I hope the Double Fine cut of the funds for this bundle goes straight to the "Broken Age" budget
  11. I backed that one so hard... I did too, TLJ is my favorite non-Lucasarts adventure ever (at least for now, cannot judge Reds yet, obviously ) so I backed it immediately after it went live. Even went well over my budget I normally have for this kind of things, but I have high hopes for it.
  12. There's a long thread below in The Cave forum, but yeah I'm excited too!
  13. As SEGA is the publisher it probably depends on them if it's available there my guess is it won't be available there at release date but maybe sometime later down the line
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