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  1. When we started Spacebase a year and a half ago, we knew that its continued development past Alpha 1 would be contingent on things partly or wholly outside our control. Spacebase had a strong launch in October of last year and while sales remained steady for a while afterwards, earlier this year it became clear that we would have to work towards wrapping up development. As project lead I can honestly tell you that we've done everything we could to keep making the game the best it can be. We pulled out all the stops we could for Alpha 6 and we're proud of the depth it has added to the game. I believe the Goals and Tutorial Mode we're adding for 1.0 are also a large missing piece that will lend the game greater unity and direction. We were careful not to make promises about anything on the old dev plan page, even as we hoped we'd someday get to implement all of it and more. Again this came down to time and resources, factors beyond my control. To everyone who has supported Spacebase since or after its genesis in Amnesia Fortnight 2012, to everyone who has provided feedback, and voiced constructive criticism or even disappointment: you have my deepest thanks. With the dev time we have left we're going to do the best we can to create something worthy of all that. This didn't end up being a decade-in-development odyssey, but I hope you've enjoyed the process and find the end result fun to play.
  2. This is all really good constructive feedback folks, thanks very much. I wish there was more I could talk about right now. Thank you for being patient. We won't be dark for much longer.
  3. Double Fine is not a random fly-by-night indie dev and we are not going to silently pull the plug on Spacebase or any other in-development project. Doing so would be disastrous for our reputation and it would kill us emotionally ;____; What has happened lately on Spacebase is that we're trying something different with regard to communication. Our hypothesis is that short, regular, relatively low-value updates (things like in-progress screenshots of new UI) don't really serve much more purpose than telling people "we're not dead!" The time cost of doing those is pretty small, but our team has been 3-4 people since Alpha 1's release and I wanted to see what the impact would be - both on our side and on the player side. I knew there would be threads like this when we undertook this direction, and we've been watching the various forums closely. I completely understand how one can read a lack of response as a lack of concern, but nothing could be further from the truth. We come to Double Fine every day and work hard to make Spacebase better. It's our baby and we love working on it. Some player criticism just isn't very easy to respond to - we know exactly what's happening with the project, and we could either give an extended brain dump of all that, or we could try to sum it up and risk misleading through brevity or making some specific promise we can't keep. Valve's talk from Steam Dev Days about got us thinking along this current line. There are some points in it that make a strong kind of counter-intuitive sense: who wouldn't want constant communication? Well, maybe constant communication helps people care less and less about something over time. We needed to shake things up a bit.This isn't some master plan; we're learning as we go - for example, I recently started updating the in-game Transmission from Team Spacebase to hint at the game's backstory (aka the Spacebase Lore Minute)... but not many people have commented on it, because (we suspect) most people are paying closer attention to out-of-game communication like the website than launching the game regularly. Which is fine; everything like this we try helps us learn to do better. I'll probably still keep doing those messages because taking a short break from coding to write weird/funny stuff is just fun, and we know some folks will appreciate it. Regarding Alpha 6 specifically... hmm, what should I say? When we DO have something to say, you'll know it! We don't have Valve's resources so don't expect lush animated shorts for each update, but we do have a surprise waiting in the wings for Alpha 6, and you'll hear about it pretty soon now. We want to tell you a story, we want to make you curious about things. Please be patient for a little while longer. Thanks so much for your continued passion and support.
  4. Terran Jojoban Quaaai IwolowI Fzzt Starchicken Thalrassh Seeeecretsss...
  5. Hi. We have definitely not forgotten about this and are working on it!
  6. We'll get the sticky thread on this forum updated. This thread on the Steam forums always has the patch notes for the most recent alpha: http://steamcommunity.com/app/246090/discussions/0/792924412465491141 We tag the posts on spacebasedf9.com, so even though it's not linked you can browse all past changelists here: http://spacebasedf9.com/tagged/Patch Notes
  7. We ran into some technical difficulties getting the video recorded on Friday, so we're gonna do it on Monday... so, soon!
  8. Hi folks! We just released Alpha 4, and tomorrow we'll be recording a video like the one we've done for previous updates. I wanted to open the floor for questions you have for us, the devs, that we can pick from and answer on the video tomorrow - it'll likely be Lead Artist Jeremy Mitchell and I. Any topic relating to Spacebase or its development really!
  9. This is rad! Spaaaace tunes... :coolsmile:
  10. I added a question to our FAQ about translations:
  11. Yeah, another save file would be great. Thanks again, amazing work! Two semi-educated guesses as to why bases above a certain very large size fail: - travel distances between important places gets too far, people spend too much time traveling to some need-fulfilling activities to be in the black. - ticks for AIs happening so far apart (the game spreads out each AI's think cycle over multiple frames) that more sim time passes between each, leading to reduced effectiveness. (Matt would be able to clarify/correct me on this)
  12. This is incredible... fantastic work!!
  13. Okay, this is straight up AMAZING. Nice work! We are in awe!!
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