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  1. IMHO a 2nd kickstarter (or and other new fund raiser) spoils quite a lot of the fun to see the team overcome the problems they are facing on their own. This documentary is a story about a game that started as a $400.000 idea and turned into something much bigger ($4.000.000), but in the end we all pledged for a $10-$20 game, so there is no way we can expect a $50 game done. Maybe scale the game size back down to the $10-$20 range and do a part2 (or big DLC pack - missing episodes) after releasing this. Or setup a preorder on Steam (pay now to receive exclusive access to the documentary and the game when ready). This is really interesting, because there are so many kickstartes that just got $300.000-$500.000 to work with and I'm really curious how these games will get made. Oliver
  2. So schwer ist das gar nicht. Es gibt nicht viele Befehle, die man anwenden kann, aber das timing ist kniffelig. Wenn's auf dem IPad mal günstiger wird (momentan 4.99€) werde ich das dort auch nochmals kaufen... (Werbung aus)... :-)
  3. You surely know Space-Chem: http://www.spacechemthegame.com/ Oliver
  4. For that reason I loved Edna & Harvey the breakout. It had a unique "That does not work" for every possible combination. And most of them really funny (in the original German version. I'm unsure about the intl. version)...
  5. Didn't explain it correct. It's not a problem for me (as I just skip the podcasts). It's a problem for the guys, as most international backers miss much of the experience and won't back the project for that reason.... I can play all games in English, no problem, but it's an important point for kickstarters to keep your backers informed and exited. IMHO they miss out on many backers because of that.
  6. Problem with all these podcasts is they loose all non native English speakers. I can read English text for hours, but after some minutes of the podcasts I have to cancel because I do not understand enough and it's hard to follow.
  7. I really hate puzzles that feel out of place. Example: I feel strange about solving a "towers of hanoi" game (for the 10th time) to open a random door.
  8. DoubleFine was the first really big software-project on kickstarter. It's hard to get everything right in the first place. Many kickstarter-projects do no longer promise "exclusive" access (some make a special forum-tag for the backers) to the backers because they realize now it's not a good idea. Opening up the $15,- level for later backers benefits everybody, because the final game will be better with each money spend. Once the game is released the earnings will help funding the next game, but this preorder will make the final result much more worth for everybody. Oliver
  9. Sorry, can't edit the poll anymore... (I'm no native English speaker too... :-)
  10. Looking at the location/gender/age thread it might be really interesting to see how the EFIGS languages are distributed...
  11. I think a google-maps with the approx. location of each backer (and his name) would be really cool...
  12. Instead of hunting down leaked video-messages I think it's more important to generate more revenue for the backers by increasing the value of the forums by reporting even little things in small dev-posts, making polls let and the people take (some small) part if the process. Show in the videos that the there are many more things going on in the private-part of the website and that the video-report is only a small part of the experience. I think making digital-rewards has proven to be an error and will not be used in kickstarter-projects to come, but you can make the backer-status more important by giving them an active part on the development process. And maybe instead of the digital addons of the 30+ tiers that now everybody loads for free make some small thank-you-presents that can't spread that easy on the net.
  13. Maybe make a 2nd kickstarter to get funds only for the voice-overs (or make it so someone else can add them)
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