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  1. I picked Broken Age, while the title I suggested was Split Destinies, which I think works well for the tone and story they're trying to make.
  2. QxU0eHnQjo8 LHhjnJP0VCo VRuHFouBRVw F-Zero has a fantastic soundtrack, one of the best on the SNES.
  3. These are great, I'm definitely checking out more by them. Glad you liked it, but if really like them, you should check out the members' other projects. The one who does the beats (Calvin Hansen) has a side project called WTA JRK, where he does mash-ups, http://wtajrk.com. The one who does the melodies, (Derek Alexander) does the Happy Video Game Nerd, game reviews on underrated retro games, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFhtpiyQMdU. They also do a podcast together with a friend called Nothing Matters and it's pretty good, http://nothingmatterspodcast.com/
  4. n6jCJZEFIto Been listening to this a TON lately, it's really good.
  5. Man, why didn't me or Kirby make this thread earlier!? Whatever, the show is awesome, I'm just glad that I have a reason to watch Disney Channel, (I'm kinda tired of Phineas and Ferb,) but what I really like is how the show has this great humor that no other kid's cartoon has currently, but also has this cool, grounded universe that has a cool continuity/ongoing story going on with this super weird town.
  6. Watched Tokyo Godfathers yesterday and it was good, not as good as Millenium Actress, (great movie you should all watch NOW) but still very good.
  7. Got some cool Earthbound/Mother 3 stuff. The end of Earthbound was originally to be that Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo go into Outer Space, but ultimately got cut, in the Onett arcade, one of the images on the Arcade Cabinets is the first stage of Donkey Kong. In the New Pork City theatre in Mother 3, the movie playing is different pictures of different parts of Earthbound, and Ness' Yo-Yo can be an equippable item for Lucas.
  8. FLS9MvjiEz4 CtttWBngNJE ZUNS8pxZWNw Been listening to this fairly unknown Indie Electronic band called Starship Amazing a lot lately and figured I should share some tracks.
  9. B-Bv1tJ_inw Lucky Star. I think it's awesome. That is all.
  10. e_gPZGiV_m8 rxbm052_TXE I enjoy this Youtube series way more than I actually should.
  11. I got The Last Story today and it is awesome. So far, I like it even more than Xenoblade Chronicles.
  12. QgWEYVC1CAg Don't ask, I'm just into some weird fuckin' music, alright?
  13. Uruguay, no! You're supposed to win at Soccer, not get eliminated from it!
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