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  1. Public. No opinion on whether they should be archived or merged or what, but public most definitely. Whatever makes most sense for the forums.
  2. I don't view it as "purchasing exclusivity". I view it as funding the production of said documentary, and always expected it to be widely released sooner or later. Maybe think of it as a timed exclusive, those are hot in video games these days.
  3. Go ahead and release it (for free). Put it on Steam too if you can, their streaming stuff is pretty good these days. Get it on the frontpage carousel to get some eyeballs on it. HD streaming for everyone, HD downloads for backers, that's what I'd suggest.
  4. Ah, thanks for the update. Too bad that a new docu episode didn't make it, but I'll live. Happy holidays!
  5. Haven't had time to play act 1 yet, so thanks for the spoiler warning Greg. Bookmarked for a later date.
  6. For some reason the part where both Greg and Anna start writing notes at the same time cracked me up. I don't know why. Help me.
  7. He made a TV show that a lot of people like! Hmm, I guess I don't watch TV as much as I thought. Or maybe it just hasn't aired over here. So uh, cool I guess. edit: Uh oh, that smiley is super creepy.
  8. Not gonna lie, I don't know who Pendleton Ward is. Had to google him, read the wikipedia entry. Still kind of don't know who he is.
  9. I'm alright with this plan, as far as I'm concerned it changes nothing. But its timing feels a bit dirty. It feels like you waited for MC KS to finish before posting the ep and this release plan, just so your current backers wouldn't get discouraged to back another DF game. Even if that another game is a different team, lead by a different guy. It still feels a little iffy.
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