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  1. I played both storylines simultaneously and I started to notice a pattern, but never thought about it deeply until the reveal. The part where Shay rescues creatures is the part where The big giant crab swallows people. The rest was history.
  2. During the final showdown Vella shouts for Alex, what I assume is Dead Eye God's actual name. We never learn this name or ask about it at any point in the game. There may be some missing dialogue options. It was funny first time though, because I felt the dialogue was directed towards me personally.
  3. Adventures of Princess and the Astronaut Austin Cosmos and the Princess of Time Astral Voyage Aligned Ascentis At Hearts End Biolapse Blossom Valley Blossom Ocean Blossom Collide Collateral Union Collateral Worlds Dandelion Space Dandelion Destiny Clouds Destiny Travellers Destiny Ocean Double Ascension Double Rifts Fantastic Voyage Maulkin & Marene Mirth of Maulkin & Marene The Time Odyssey Tale of Two Worlds Planes of Ascension Parallel Fates Parallel Souls Paraverse Parting Tales Rifts of MIrth Likelyhood Up and Down Universe Mend Under Stars Walkers of Time Eat your heart out, Tim & Co. ;.;
  4. Really? Personally I like it. What do you feel is wrong with it? I can appreciate the work that went into it, but something went horribly wrong along the way. The end result is just plain bad. This pretty much sums up my feelings on it: No real complaints about the animation though. I don't think it's as good as it could be, but it's passable I am siding with the guy over here. He has a point.
  5. Just saw it. I side with the folks who think that the camera changes people to act artificially. I think releasing it after the game would have been a better idea. Now I understand all that hush-hush and tss-tss, but as someone in the episode warned, "Tim, the camera." It's not a Documentary anymore, It's a Reality Show.
  6. - A cloudy realm between timed universe with clocks floating in the background, The shadowy streams are eating this place apart in the horizon. Everything around ages hundreds of years whence the player steps on ground, for player is the only timed creature wandering the timeless space. - The world in TV. the player is sucked into a popular TV-show which causes the premise change and the only way to leave is to reach The End. - The realm of night and day. You are the day and it can be set in a children's room. As you move on the floor, the night turns into day and eventually it will turn back to night. - The highest peak of the realm which reaches almost the void of space and only snowstorm keeps others out and the wisest men live here to teach the purpose of pancakes. - In the deepest cells of micro-organism, the player dwells in a nano-fighter through caverns of living civilizations, upside and downside. - What if the earth as we know it existed inside rather than outside? When you look up, you see the western lands. The light here exists due some stranger mechanics and the weather works too. The idea is to drill a hole out. - Romantic era France with a giant sky fortress dispatching postal airlines. - An empty canal where water mass used to be. Lots of broken ships. - the chambers of the Raven. A horrific knock raps on your chamber door...
  7. the parallel stories sound potentially interesting to me, but I picture both stories happen in turns and each chapter influences the outcome in another universe, then coming closer to the ending you play them both in split-screen, making them help each other in solving puzzles and then unite somehow by the end. But I also know to think that some big concept like this is very difficult to pull, it will need a lot of dynamics. It's very broad concept.
  8. Speaking of female protagonists, I'd like to chim my opinion on the matter: Respectfully one reason I can't see the main protagonist be a female in Tim's game is because I can't see cute girls pull stupid and boyish things, like Guybrush or any other protagonist does. I was born in a family of sisters and they are all in their teen years now, but they are also more mature than boys in their age and all they care are boyfriends, makeup and less, you know, acting stupid or adventures. I think it applies to all women around the world here and only boys can be so funny stupid like the protagonists in Tims games, so much, that having the other side would totally do suspension of disbelief or atleast that is how it's accepted in our culture. I am a big fan of Siberia series, Lara Croft, the longest journey, gabriel knight and especially Dreamfall. These are adventure games all featuring female protagonists that are young and well developed in my opinion - but - most importantly they are different to what some laidback and funnier adventure games intend to execute in terms of humor. The fluidity of the characters reflect the gameplay and none of them really acts out of context of what girls are like. Make no mistake, I would gladly like a female protagonist here if she is well developed around the humor but I can see it also as a sexism question, you see when man acts like guybrush and stupidly, nobody minds. It is expected of men to act like that. But when one cute girl acts like that, then everyone loses their minds. Some women may even express in alert that Galbrush offends their sex. With that kind of things it's saver to go with a funny male, if you understand what I am trying to say.
  9. Can't be quoted enough. Let's hope the budget is enough to make a difference. I really don't know what the problem is, didn't they want their game to run on ios/android? The problem is really just that cheap and primitive look in games done via Moai (vanilla is heavily mobile oriented?) and that the tech is kind of an early bird. Luckily it is open-source, so that means it can be modified to better the framework for own needs, right?
  10. Can't be quoted enough. Let's hope the budget is enough to make a difference.
  11. And that's how it should be, it works as long as the king doesn't drown in power
  12. ITT: People do not read the text/disclaimers. God Forbit don't add reading portions in this game!
  13. What is the first line/subject you write/wrote for the engine?
  14. Agree with this. I was playing Book of Unwritten Tales ( http://www.unwritten-tales.com/# ). Except claustrophobic "rooms", that looks really good blend of many technical pieces,but way too 3D.
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