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  1. come on so called backers of adventure the best in the business have come back to shine it's a special time for adventure games so lets give tex his dues its a great series and hopefully things will die down after this two guys and tex, because too many projects at once but defo support tex its a unique adventure experiance and its kinda struggling
  2. who cares how good or bad jane jensens pitch is i don't even need a pitch video to give her support having played her games. i admit im mainly pledging to get that one step closer to GK4 but that being said she makes great adventure games so im happy either way
  3. Pandora directiive was the shiz everyone should back Tex murphy damn good adventure games
  4. ive backed double fine jane jensen and leisure suit larry i will also back tex murphy so yeah theres a fair few too many in a short time frame to deal with money wise which in turn could cripple there kickstarter since theres only a small amount of time if there wise they should give a .little space between other similar projects
  5. think i will support them both jansen work is genius and leisure suit larrys was fantastic especially 6 and 7 i think if al got to over a milion he should skip the remake and go right into LSL 8 as for jenson i will support it i just hope one day we will see a gabrial knight 4. and damn how nice is janes daughter
  6. So glad to be a part of it, point and click adventures hold a firm place in my heart im more than happy to give Tim/ron the funds, even if the game fails id consider it a thank you for the priceless experience of monkey island Day of the tentacle full throttle grim fandango, my only regret is not watching the live stream because i got corralled into going out drinking, would be cool to see a montage or find the video someplace tho ;-) Big love to the Backers
  7. Hahaha "That's Hilarious" after the initial disappointment of the size of the game a Big Red Button pops up for us to keep pressing HELL yeah!, infact im pulling out of the project if its not included, these are some great ideas. i agree the game could just be one big red button and there wouldnt be any false advertising either, You don't get much more oldschool than pushing a button been around for ages plus you point and you click.
  8. a few of my early morn drunken choices would be Gabrial Knight 4 mirror's edge 2 Shenmue 3 COD MW4.......
  9. all the lucasarts classics are a given outside that my favorites are Broken sword 1/2 Gabrial knight 1/2 under a killing moon / pandora directive leisure suit larrys too many to list. some new retro indie adventure games like Gemini rue and the blackwell series are good and some good modern adventure games [black mirror 2] love it so far [Gray matter] by jane jensen, not up to gabrial knight calliber but still good [the lost crown a ghost hunting adventure] really atmospheric voice acting is god awfull still a great game
  10. you only need to look at the past to see how big a mistake 3D is for Adventure games, it sunk all the best franchises and was respectivly the worst in there series. Gabrial knight 1/2 fantastic, 3 was terrible 3D and we never saw another GK Curse of monkey island vs the 4th 3D one, what a major step down and the last monkey island by lucasarts broken sword 1 2 my favorite adventure games ever ruined by 3D. in fact i can only think of one adventure game in 3D i trully liked and it was Grim Fandango, that being said i don't want this project to go 3D route it sucks the charm right out of the game, 2.5D i can handle like black mirror 2. there's a good interview on youtube with charles cecil creator of broken sword saying how publishers in all there wisdom thought going 3D was the next big step but infact it just pushed away the wider demographic of old school adventure gamers that prefer 2D, mr cecil has since seen the light and is creating broken sword 5 in 2D and that is the best news ive heard since this kickstarter project. great interview check it out Charles Cecil on Broken Sword 2D better than 3D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ullzROgDC8w
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